Have Coffee, Will Travel

Have Coffee, Will Travel

after growing up in Brentwood, attending Edna Hill and then Liberty High School, Moriah Mesina went on to attend Baptist University in Riverside, CA. The Southern California college town was replete with a wide selection of gourmet coffee cafés to choose from. Moriah readily admits, if you asked any one of her fellow classmates how they remember her, she was the one reporting to class with a venti coffee and sandwich in hand every morning. “College was where I was able to grow my palate and really develop an appreciation for good coffee. Flavor trends and beans are all part of it,” says Moriah. 

During her college years, Moriah worked with her school of business council, often overseeing event planning duties, arranging for seating, guest speakers, and catering. She also served as the student resident advisor inside of her hall on campus, coordinating classic hot cocoa nights, Secret Santa, and any specialized events the students requested. She discovered she loved event planning! Directly out of college, she was offered a job with Enterprise Rent-A-Car. After working there for a bit, she went on to Chick-fil-A. Moriah shares, “It was during those service intensive jobs that I really learned what it means to cater to a customer’s needs and wants. 


“Flavor trends and beans are all part of it,"

I learned some important lessons toward becoming an entrepreneur. I was in my early 20s, living and working in San Diego, when I decided I might want to work for myself one day.”

Moriah lost her job working as a camp coordinator in Santa Cruz in May 2020. It was a perfect moment for her to reinvent herself and finally realize the benefits of owning her own business. Says Moriah, “I ran across this vintage travel trailer. It was cute and compact, covered in chrome and shiny. It just called to me. 

I knew I could turn it into something really cute.” Moriah brewed up the concept of bringing coffee to the people rather than establishing a permanent storefront. “It’s important to catch people’s eyes and draw them in, but the top priority for launching into a coffee cart business is serving up great tasting coffee and pastries!” Moriah began modestly, providing catering at COVID-style weddings. Soon, Chrome Coffee became an in-demand addition to events and parties! 


Of course it helps that Moriah’s older brother Elijah owns a coffee roasting business. Says Moriah, “I knew I needed a unique and different roast, and my brother’s company, Delta Coffee, really makes the best around! For our drip coffee, I utilize his Slough Blend, and for our cold brew, I pour in the Levee Blend. Our espresso comes from another local supplier, Berkeley Wrecking Ball Roasters. Our flavors are not something you will find within this 20-mile radius.” Chrome Coffee rotates three seasonal flavors every two months. 

Currently, Matcha Latte, Horchata Latte, and Peach Tea are on the menu.

It’s not just a great brew that makes Chrome Coffee a great way to start the day! Moriah added a special treat to her menu that can only be found on her cart. Moriah says, “I’ve recently developed an addiction to conchas. Also known as pan dulce, conchas are a traditional Mexican sweet roll that come in many flavors and whose appearance resembles a seashell. A local bakery named Flour and Butter whips up the delicious rolls we offer to accompany your coffee with flavors like: Oreo, churro, lavender, strawberry, matcha, chocolate, and vanilla. 

“I k new I needed a unique and different roast, and my brother’s company, Delta Coffee, really makes the best a round! ”

“My new trailer is seafoam green with chrome accents and chrome tires."


Highlighting local bakers is important to me. I will carry their specialty items and hopefully when they need a coffee vendor, they will think of me too. I’d say I collaborate with about five to six micro bakers in the area, but another local bakery that I like to regularly feature on my menu is Love for Cream. They create the very best sourdough donuts.”

February 2021 brought about a new opportunity to expand the business. Moriah purchased an already permitted trailer that was guaranteed to pass all local ordinances, making it possible for her to attend any event where food trucks are invited. This was a huge step toward building her future. Says Moriah, “My new trailer is seafoam green with chrome accents and chrome tires. With the larger trailer, I’ve been able to do larger events such as the Stockton Farmers’ Market. I also frequent many areas in Oakley such as: Creekside Park, Diamond Hills, and Summer Lakes. 

Catering for private events has kept me pretty busy as well.”

Chrome Coffee is truly a family business, as Moriah often finds herself in the company of her family at events. Her older brother still provides the coffee beans, her younger brother Isaiah worked with her before going on to attend college, and Moriah’s father, Tony, is a local DJ in the area, frequently working the same weddings Moriah is catering with her trailer! “Mom’s the taste tester,” says Moriah, “I’ve got my family behind me, and I am a firm believer that if God wants me to own a brick and mortar at some point, then that’s what will happen. Oakley definitely has a rising population of residents to serve, growing into a space there is what feels right. For now, I am happy to cruise my Chrome Coffee around to anywhere coffee lovers live!” 


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