Smile Hero Orthodontics

Smile Hero Orthodontics

They call him the Smile Hero. Taking a fun and new approach to orthodontics, Dr. Christopher Beninati, M.S., D.M.D., wants to breathe fresh air into the art of creating a great smile. When committing to orthodontic treatment, choosing a doctor who will make sure you get the best long-term results is first and foremost. But choosing a place to go where the staff is extremely fun and the doctor does silly dance moves with you can also elevate the experience. These fun moments can be seen on their social media pages. Smile Hero Orthodontics is also taking extra strides toward providing cutting edge technology by use of CBCT 3D x-ray imagery to help evaluate the teeth, bone, and airway. 


“They call him the Smile Hero.”

“Around here, the patients call me Dr. Chris. Our slogan is ‘flex your smile with us,’ and we sure try to encourage a lot of smiling here. My team and I want our patients to feel good about their visit. We have flexible financing, fun music, and a bubbly staff that’s sure to make each appointment a memorable one! I feel that patients and parents enjoy coming to my practice because they can tell that I plan each case from my heart. My amazing team supports my philosophy, and we treat everyone like family. I am a young doctor myself, and the patients have fun seeing me come to their chair with so much energy. I make sure to take my time and engage with each patient/parent so that they know exactly what the plan is. I’m here to make them look and feel better,” says Dr. Chris. 


Part of the fun of going to an appointment at Smile Hero Orthodontics includes getting creative with contests and taking part in raffle drawings to win prizes. His practice regularly holds challenges and contests, and the patients enjoy chances to dress up and take pictures with props, all the while flashing the new grin given to them by their cool orthodontist!

Dr. Chris hails from Salem, New Hampshire and attended the University of New Hampshire for his undergraduate degree and attended Tufts Dental School in Boston for his Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.) degree. That is where he met his amazing wife, endodontist Dr. Christina Penn. Together, they share a young daughter who they are raising in Brentwood. Dr. Chris purchased his practice recently but has already become fully active in the community, giving back in many ways. Being a huge sports fan (specifically partial to the New England Patriots), Dr. Chris donates to local school athletic programs. Dr. Chris and his team also attend other local community fundraisers and charitable events. Each Christmas, Smile Hero Orthodontics donates to a family in need to make sure that the family can enjoy the holiday the way it should be spent.


“I’m here to make them look and feel better,”

“Dr. Chris is a new breed of doctor bringing a high level of energy to smile beautification.”


Following dental school, Dr. Chris continued his education at the Indiana University School of Dentistry, obtaining his Certificate in Orthodontics and his second Master of Science (M.S.) degree. Since graduating and starting his career, Dr. Chris has been ranked as a top orthodontist, and his patients are raving about their results. As an active member of the Seattle Study Club, he has access to numerous continuing education opportunities, including meetings, seminars, lectures, and journals. 

A heavily focused aspect of orthodontic care inside of Dr. Chris’s practice is proficient airway function. Sleep apnea affects many people, resulting in numerous health problems. Research and sleep studies have shown that early intervention and treatment in children beginning as early as 7 to 9 years old may help prevent problems that could arise later in life. This is why the American Association of Orthodontics recommends that every child gets a checkup completed with an orthodontist at age 7.

Dr. Chris always makes the patient’s facial aesthetics and airway a priority when planning individualized treatment. Non-extraction therapy is his chosen method when the biological limits allow for it, since removing teeth tends to narrow the tongue space, encroaching on proper airflow. Patients and parents appreciate the extra effort that Dr. Chris and his team make to save teeth whenever possible.

Dr. Chris is a new breed of doctor bringing a high level of energy to smile beautification. When he’s not creating dazzling grins, he’s going to the gym, playing fantasy football, and traveling with his family. He and his team bring their zest for life into their family friendly office and make it part of their patient’s experience. Go flex your smile with Dr. Chris and the Smile Hero Team! Afterall, smiles are contagious.

Photos German Sui


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