Krista Knows Marketing is Key

Krista Knows Marketing is Key

“How do you keep your closed business in the minds of consumers?”
many things lead a person to where they find themselves in their career and in their life. Many lessons and experiences leave their mark and help shape a person’s path of progression. Krista Mashore started on her path to becoming the real estate guru that she is now, in a rocky fashion. As a teen, she will be the first to admit that she made some bad choices. She found herself in Juvenile Hall, but excelled at turning her life around. She was rewarded a scholarship from Juvenile Hall, and it was requested she pay it forward one day when she made something of herself. This is a moment she took strongly to heart. After committing to education, earning a master’s degree, and becoming an educator herself, she faced additional challenges when she became a mother to a daughter who faced health issues. Wanting to dedicate more time to her daughter, she quit teaching to stay home and take care of her girls and “play real estate.” It was soon after, her marriage fell apart and she found herself a single mom with little income.

Challenge wasn’t a stranger to her, once applying her love for learning and igniting her inner fire to succeed, her drive to achieve resulted in her being a top producing real estate agent and a Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE), as well as receiving many other certifications and designations. She also started a program to benefit challenged youth as part of that payback she took so seriously. Most notably she became a coach to many, including her competition, and her acumen in marketing has led to her writing three bestselling books with one set to release any day now. What set her up to win in such a grandiose style? Krista has learned, “Marketing and, more importantly let me stress, marketing properly is key.”


When someone thinks of your profession, your name should pop in their head immediately.”

If you have Googled the phrase Brentwood real estate, frequented the major highways, read any publication in our area, or made your way through our local neighborhoods, you have seen Krista’s photo. Her marketing is prolific for a reason. Says Krista, “I’ve hired coaches, taken classes, seminars, had mentors, extensively studied digital marketing, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to learn the right way to market effectively. I approach marketing like a Fortune 500 company. Every single piece of marketing material or video that you put out for the public to see must be top-notch quality. Where you place your marketing and who sees it matters. When someone thinks of your profession, your name should pop in their head immediately.” Gaining the type of education and background in how to brand your name or company optimally takes time. Krista feels it is her civic duty to make sure all small businesses know how to propel themselves to succeed. In conjunction with sharing her wisdom through her books, The Ultimate Digital Marketing Playbook for Dominating Your Local Area, Sell 100+ Homes a Year, 3 Clients in 30 Days, and FIRE, which is an acronym for Financially Independent Retire Early, she produces informative videos and podcasts. She believes in sharing her breadth of knowledge so deeply, that she makes much of her reference materials free to anyone who wants it. Krista shares, “Along with being a servant to people by providing information and value, comes the added benefit of being the marketing authority in the industry. My clients know they can turn to me to learn how to prosper and grow their knowledge and business. Sellers hire me assured they can tap into my expertise and digital marketing savvy to gain massive exposure to get their property sold for top dollar with amazing terms and, at the same time, I can help my community to thrive by providing tools to bolster businesses.”

“Krista’s next project will be launching a new book she felt obligated to share with the community for FREE.”

In a trying economy, hiring the right professional with proven skills that lead to solid offers is imperative.

Selling homes is not a small task, in any economy. In a trying economy, hiring the right professional with proven skills that lead to solid offers is imperative. “Our homes are our single biggest asset. Should you entrust someone new to the business, or a realtor who sells maybe three, six, or even ten homes a year to get you the best results?

When a client hires me, they are hiring my 19 years of experience and proven digital marketing process. In the midst of a pandemic, when agents were forced to quit showing homes in person due to the shelter-in-place order, Krista closed 16 homes because of her online strategic digital marketing strategy. Those homes were professionally filmed, getting thousands and thousands of views online and averaging more than 500 hours of watch time on each home. That is a direct result of prominent digital marketing and placement, a crucial step in getting interest in a property,” says Krista. An added benefit to the virtual open houses sparking interest is the data collected. Krista is able to perfectly target a buyer when a home they should see becomes available. She can look back three to six months at what a virtual viewer (buyer) was interested in and retarget that buyer.

The digital push given to her real estate listings, as well as her own personal brand, is what Krista asserts less than one percent of agents are doing correctly. It’s that missing link Krista is hoping to address with her offered coaching classes. “I have a passion for teaching, marketing, and real estate. Sharing my years of education with real estate agents and lenders from across the country on how to properly harness social media and internet technology, has been fulfilling on many levels.” During her Krista Mashore Coaching program, Krista explains, “I go through what is literally a blueprint for building community market leaders using digital marketing strategies designed for modern, internet driven consumers. I then outline ways in which you can stand out in newsfeeds, build relationships with potential buyers and sellers, and create lifelong clients who are excited to refer you. Finally, I’ll show you how to build a solid business with a sturdy foundation that utilizes proven systems, processes, and automations to generate consistent closings and happy customers.”

Reflecting recently, Krista says, “I work very hard to put myself in a place where I can be a community leader and make a huge, positive impact. I am training my competition to raise the entire industry to a level that serves people’s real estate needs optimally. Sometimes, I think I move too quickly and that can come across wrong. I’m rather quick and sometimes that may come off a bit too abrupt. One thing I have learned through this COVID-19 crisis is that I need to slow down and take my own advice about communicating properly. I’m trying to improve on making my intent to help others apparent through my words and actions.”

"I approach marketing like a Fortune 500 company."

Keeping in line with helping others, a charitable aspect of Krista’s various pursuits is her teen program called Teens Lifting Lives. It’s the fulfillment of her promise to pay it forward, a promise she made long ago when faced with her own obstacles. Krista shares, “This program is designed to help transform not just the teen’s life, but the lives of those around them as well. The goal is to instill a positive mindset and let them know that they can do anything. I want them to realize, we choose our destiny through our everyday decisions.” There are many activities during this eight-week program that the 25 teens chosen must do. They must complete the challenge, read suggested motivational and inspirational books, remain clean and sober, do good deeds each day, participate in social media engagement, and create a vision board. Upon graduating the program, participants are awarded a cash reward of $750 that they have earned through their positive actions. Out of the $750, the teens are required to donate $250 to a local charity of their choice. This proves to them that hard work and dedication pays off, but also the merits of what it feels like to give back.”

Krista’s next project will be launching a new book she felt obligated to share with the community for free. The book was near completion after 14 months of writing, when the COVID-19 lockdown started. Titled, The Ultimate Digital Marketing Playbook for Dominating Your Local Area, Krista has laid plans for catapulting any small business forward.

“I went back and rewrote some of the chapters, specifically to target how small businesses could enhance their online presence and remain relevant even as they were in shutdown. There was a need to be addressed, how do you keep your closed business in the minds of consumers? How do you stay alive after you’ve gone dark?” Her new book will be available on Amazon sometime in June and promises to help take the guesswork out of digital marketing, maximize your profits, and make you the authority in your profession or business, even in a bad economy. You can grab a free digital copy by going to There has never been a better time than now, for the guiding words of someone who has been there, done that. Master chefs don’t often share their secrets; ask a magician how they pulled off their trick and they will likely laugh at you, but this consummate professional is ever willing to share insight into ways to bolster your bottom line. That clearly communicates volumes.

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