When Life Gets Too Busy, Bizzy Bee’z Can Help

When Life Gets Too Busy, Bizzy Bee’z Can Help

Providing care for family members, managing finances, maintaining a household, and oftentimes juggling a stressful career - it’s all part of the grown-up experience. Maybe there’s a partner to provide additional support, or maybe you find yourself having to do it all alone. Michele Staricco found herself stuck. Working as a teacher for five years in Dublin, Michele soon found that commuting from Brentwood after having a newborn son was quite the challenge. At the end of the day, there was so little time left over to attend to everyday tasks. This was made even more insurmountable when she suddenly found herself facing divorce and having to do everything on her own. Being resourceful, she knew how to help herself, while also helping other struggling moms along the way.

Michele already knew the benefits of running her own business. She worked her way through college as a housecleaner and continued for a bit after graduation. Once she made the decision to quit teaching to start her own business, she knew she could fall back on her acquired skills. The change would allow her to be available for her young son. With her mother pitching in with childcare, she began by cleaning for construction companies. Her business would soon expand, becoming so busy that she now employs nine women as housecleaners. “I am so lucky to have found a crew I can rely on. It’s a cleaning company's biggest challenge. Fortunately, my girls stick around, they’ve helped my company to grow, and most have been with me for about ten years,” Michelle shares.


“I am so lucky to have found a crew I can rely on.”

Another challenge in the housecleaning industry is competing with companies who cut corners on important aspects of the business. Says Michele, “I pay for full coverage insurance and am properly licensed and bonded. There are companies out there offering the same service that I do, without paying for those protections. Therefore, customers are protected should an incident occur. Even if it costs me a good chunk of the profits, this is a necessary component to having a successful service industry business that my customers can feel safe utilizing.” She cites one incident that has occurred since her business started over 14 years ago. One of her workers fell. The homeowner had zero worries because Michele had everything taken care of that day. She was completely covered for the incident, and so was her client. Had they used another company that was ill-prepared for such an accident, the homeowner may have faced greater worries than having a dirty house.

Bizzy Bee’z cleaning service is not a quick tidy up, but a thorough sanitizing of your home. Michele took into account everything she’d wish a housecleaning service provided. For this reason, she works from the bottom up, including details like baseboards and blinds within her standard pricing. Beyond the basics, Bizzy Bee’z offers specialized help with getting organized, laundry - even windows, fridge, and oven cleaning. The organizing services can be especially helpful to harried moms after the holidays. Bizzy Bee’z whips garages, pantries, and the messiest of the messy children’s rooms into pristine condition.

“Having a house cleaning service used to be a luxury. With everything we are stretched to do these days, it's become a necessity.”

“You can’t get back the hours it may take to clean your house on a weekly basis.”


With over 300 clients throughout Contra Costa receiving care through Bizzy Bee’z, Michele’s workers are humming right along. In fact, during COVID-19, they all risked their own health to pull on the booties and gloves and keep all their customer’s homes disinfected throughout the lockdowns. Michele believes in building lasting relationships with her customers. After all, they rely on her for a very important aspect of life. Keeping our homes clean is something that must be done, but we don’t always have the time or strength to do it.

Michele is now remarried and shares four children with her husband. “Navigating being a working mom is hard. That’s how it started and that’s who I serve,” says Michele. “Having a house cleaning service used to be a luxury. With everything we are stretched to do these days, it's become a necessity. You can’t get back the hours it may take to clean your house on a weekly basis. We look at it as giving you that extra time, to do more important things. I know from first-hand experience what the pressure to do it all feels like and it’s not fun. I really want my customers to feel confident that when the struggle gets real, we’ve got them covered. We can alleviate some of the stress that comes with adulting.”

Photography by Swede Pea Photography

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