Brentwood's Adopt-A-Senior

Brentwood's Adopt-A-Senior

Moving into its fourth year of service in our community, BrentwoodSTRONG, in collaboration with The City of Brentwood, The Senior Activity Center and a number of partners is back at it; taking exceptional care of our seniors this holiday season. Adopt-A-Senior is in FULL swing.

For only $75, YOU can adopt a local senior by going to and choose to:

  1. Donate funds (our volunteers will shop for your senior) OR
  2. Purchase the gifts yourself and drop them off (for our volunteers to wrap and distribute to our seniors)

“TOGETHER, we will all provide a special holiday for those in our community that need and appreciate it most.”

TOGETHER, we will all provide a special holiday for those in our community that need and appreciate it most. Our seniors receive gifts that they choose, a grocery store gift card, a book of stamps, holiday greeting cards from our local students and a holiday meal (thanks to Brentwood Regional Community Chest).


Donna Schwartz, a local volunteer, and now the first official Ambassador of Adopt-A-Senior shares her experience.

“When I found out about BrentwoodSTRONG and Adopt-A-Senior, it was the perfect volunteering opportunity for me since I am an advocate for seniors in my profession. I was excited to see how my “little” contribution could help in such a “BIG” way.


Last year I started off adopting ONE senior, and reading their wish list brought a pain to my heart, because the wishes were basic needs. So I hurried out to the stores, and purchased every item on that list. I brought it home so excited, showed my family, and they encouraged me to adopt ANOTHER senior. So I did! Then I shared the excitement with my coworkers about the “Grannies & Pappas” we adopted.  They too thought this was great and they all contributed some money so I could adopt TWO more “Grannies & Pappas”. 


FOUR seniors later, and a few hours donating my time to wrap many more gifts from others— I must admit I was choked up with tears, seeing a large room filled with all these gift bags.  Knowing that hundreds of “Grannies & Pappas” received wrapped gifts that they asked for like basic needs, pajamas, fluffy slippers, blankets, towels, books and gift cards for groceries. 


I imagined them opening up these gifts and feeling the love and support from our community. I take this volunteering opportunity very personal, because one day- it might be my family or my neighbor needing help and I’m confident our community helps one another.


Being a part of the Adopt-A-Senior committee is such a rewarding opportunity. When people say the gift of giving is better than receiving, this couldn’t be more true!! I often felt that my single contribution doesn’t really make a difference. But once I was able to get in and see how many others like myself contributing, and donating their time and efforts, together, we make a HUGE impact. I am truly proud of the community I live in and how we help each other.”


We cannot reach our GOAL without YOU. Our GOAL is to adopt OVER 200 seniors this year! Please consider contributing and sharing about this awesome community outreach by going to A BIG thank you to all who have already adopted and to our amazing partners. Be sure to adopt your senior by November 1st to get paired up in time! Thank you BRENTWOOD, we appreciate you!


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