It’s Good to be The Carpet King

It’s Good to be The Carpet King

Written by Christine Douglas. Photography by Swede Pea Photography

Capital Carpet Cleaning and Repairs Bay Area owner Travis Moorer grew up in Palo Alto and later graduated from San Jose State University. It was during his formative college years that Travis began his service journey. He forged a path leading to a flourishing business dedicated to providing a higher level of expertise, that he would go on to share with the rest of the world.

When Travis moved into his first apartment pursuing his degree in Advertising, his parents noticed while visiting that his carpets were not cleaned. They gave him a carpet shampooer, which with a little elbow grease from Travis, made the place look new! Once Travis’s friends noticed the metamorphosis, they were extremely impressed and asked Travis to borrow the machine. His entrepreneurial spirit engaged, and his reply was, “No, but I will do it for you for a fee.” That small gift from his parents would be just the investment he needed to earn himself some income while attending college.



Once Travis graduated, he put his hard-earned money to work and began investing in real estate. It was the turn of the millennium and Travis built his wealth buying up properties throughout Oakland and Arizona, but he found he still had a lot of free time. In 2001, Travis and his best friend from college put their time and energy into continuing the good work he had done before graduation. After four solid years of growing his carpet cleaning business, Travis bought out his friend’s interest and has operated as sole owner of a small family business ever since.

With the entire success of the business solely on his shoulders; Travis ramped up all efforts by committing to gain more knowledge. Wanting to guarantee the delivery of the best service possible, Travis became certified as a Master Technician in carpet cleaning, upholstery, tile & grout, water damage, odor control, and restoration. He concentrated on perfecting a chemical technique for treating multi-animal family homes, becoming an expert in odor removal.


2008 presented challenges, as Travis found himself stuck deep within the foreclosure crisis. The many holdings he had in Oakland and Arizona were lost, but he was able to keep his Oakley home. Motivated to improve his skills once again, Travis became the guru of carpet repairs in 2010. He shares, “I save folks from having to buy new carpet. Most of the time you will find damage where the carpet meets up against a second flooring like wood or tile. Pets are often the culprit. Water damage is another major problem we can address. 35% of the work we do is repairs.” 

Travis shares a recent job where the water heater broke and flooded a downstairs bedroom. He went to work extracting the water, treating the pads for mold and mildew, and then left professional drying equipment, such as dehumidifiers, air movers, and industrial fans to restore it. Travis shares, “My competitors may charge upwards of $3500–$30,000 for such a job whereas I charge a fraction of the cost for the same emergency procedure.” Common issues such as leaking pipes, refrigerator or washing machine malfunction, or an overflowing bathtub can cause water to soak into the walls, baseboards, carpet, and padding. Capital Carpet Cleaning and Repairs uses top-of-the-line equipment and chemicals and can work with your insurance to restore your home to normal living conditions.


Most people don’t realize the importance of cleaning their carpet and its effect on their health. Neglecting your carpet over time will wear down the fibers. Dirt is very abrasive. Beyond hygiene, there are threats to your health and well-being lurking in your rug. To eradicate dust and dust mites, Travis recommends that carpets be cleaned every 6-8 months. Travis employs a six-step process that will remove the agitators that trigger allergic reactions and prevent adverse complications for those with asthma. 

Another secret to a hygienic carpet is the mixture used to clean it. Did you know high soap content in a cleaning solution could lead to an even dirtier-looking carpet shortly after cleaning? Soap's job is to break down dirt. If even a little bit of soap residue is left to dry on your carpet, it will react like a magnet attracting dirt. It lies in wait as your pet’s paws and the bottom of your shoes pass over it; then latches on, pulling the dirt into the fibers of your rug, as soap’s primary job is to remove dirt Travis says, “It’s the number one problem in our industry. It’s called rapid re-soil. Some companies use a pre-spray, and they don’t get it all out or they don’t balance the PH. I have become an expert chemist at this point, I know how to use acidic water to rinse properly. The rinse is the most important step in the whole process.”

Soap residue wreaks havoc on your hard surfaces as well. Travis can seal your granite, travertine, or marble countertops. Even porcelain or tiles can have the lines sealed to prevent build-up.


Travis takes all the skills he’s perfected over time and trains the next generation of technicians at the Carpet Cleaning Academy in Southern California. He teaches courses certifying students all over the nation in carpet maintenance. His lessons ensure graduates of CCA will deliver the same exceptional service he expects for optimal client satisfaction. His wife runs the office and the household as they raise their children while juggling a busy business. He takes pride in his company and stands by his slogan, “You get the most thorough cleaning you’ve ever seen or it’s FREE.” In 23 years, nobody has ever taken Travis up on that offer. “Our logo features a crowned carpet king. He’s giving his customers top-notch, white-glove service. That’s how I want my customers to feel; like we’ve given them the royal treatment.

Please contact Travis Moorer Owner (925) 238-0025.

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