Believe And It Will Be

Believe And It Will Be

how do you become an entrepreneur? While in college, do you suddenly decide you probably won’t want a boss once you graduate? Maybe you happen into it because the opportunity was presented to you by someone else. Or maybe, it was an organic transformation that came after learning a trade and launching out on your own. Whatever led you to where you are suddenly the master of your own career destiny, along the way a certain amount of faith and courage surely had to be summoned. For Bianca Ruehlig, it was simply passion that dictated where she should put her energy. And out of that energy, the Crystal Bowl emerged. 

In 2012, Bianca was working in the very cerebrally based field of Information Technology, coding for a cabinet company in Brentwood. Stress tends to come with such responsibility, and she contends that during her career there she spent thousands of dollars indulging in alcohol after work every day. One particularly challenging day, the entire computer system crashed. 


“Opening Brentwood’s Crystal Bowl located in the Liberty Link Center in 2017 allowed her a space to connect to others who were on the same sort of journey.”

Bianca attributed the crash to something she did wrong, and for the first time ever, found herself wracked by a panic attack that would turn into a reoccurring condition. Says Bianca, “I would be alright all day long, and then at about 10:00 every night my heart would start racing, and I’d feel overcome and end up driving myself to Kaiser convinced I was dying.” This went on for some time and she found no escape from the cycle that plagued her. Upon returning home after a Christmas party in 2013, a strange event was the catalyst that changed everything.

Bianca was devastated and shocked to discover that one of her Australian Shepherd dogs was missing a leg. It was severed from the dog and there was no apparent reason for the injury in sight. Even though she took the dog to a vet for emergency attention, to this day she has no explanation for what happened. 

Bianca shares, “I went onto the internet and started researching how this could be? What the heck happened to my dog? Had this happened to anyone else? And while I was searching, I stumbled onto a site featuring Paul Santisi. After a two-hour 3D based meditation that he guided me through, I never had a panic attack again.” During the meditation, Bianca was flooded by light and felt a change sweep over her. From that moment, Bianca embarked on a journey of learning that would redirect her life and, as she puts it, rewire her brain. “Our brains are just as programmable as a computer. You write your own code for your way of thinking, daily. Immersing myself in meditation and sending positive thoughts and messages to my brain keeps me focused on bringing good things toward me, while eliminating panic-inducing vibrations.”

Once she felt the healing effects of meditation, she hungered to learn more about crystals, sound therapy, frequency, and spiritual awakening in general. Opening Brentwood’s Crystal Bowl located in the Liberty Link Center in 2017 allowed her a space to connect to others who were on the same sort of journey. Her store carries an array of crystals, oils, incense, and sprays to support metaphysical transformation; there are even salt tanks for sensory deprivation to induce a deep state of meditation. Her store also houses offices for her one-on-one manifestation coaching and various reiki practitioners. 



“No thinking or rationalizing involved, it’s all heartfelt belief that makes it happen.”

Bianca provides guidance to over 251K followers on her Facebook group titled Pineal Gland – Third Eye. She does live videos to share knowledge and information. Says Bianca, “Most of the things I do come without pay. When I left the corporate world, I knew that my next job would be surrounding something that I love and believe in. I want to help others who have embraced expanding their awareness, so in 2019 I rented another space inside my plaza where people can come and do yoga or participate in classes we offer. It’s all free.”

One of Bianca’s idols is internationally renowned author Gregg Braden who is a pioneer bridging modern science, spirituality, and human potential. Coupled with everything she has learned through his books and others, her philosophy has become very simple. In a treasure chest, Bianca creates notes citing her hearts desires and soon enough, it materializes. If she wants something, she simply jumps into action and makes it happen. No thinking or rationalizing involved, it’s all heartfelt belief that makes it happen. That’s how she acquired Brentwood’s Chicago Pizza with a Twist in 2021.


“Honestly, I didn’t know the first thing about how a restaurant works. I was always the impatient customer wondering where my delivery driver was and what could possibly take so long? I happened to be looking for another location in Brentwood to put the second Crystal Bowl store. I ran across an ad listing the pizza place for sale. I suddenly thought, ‘I want to own a pizza store!’ Next thing you know I’m scrubbing dishes and floors while cranking out pizzas. It’s the hardest thing I have ever done, but a learning experience I had to go through. Guess what? I have a huge appreciation for those that make my food now. And that’s the lesson, isn’t it?” 

The year 2021 was busy for this empowered entrepreneur. Along with Chicago’s Pizza with a Twist, Bianca opened a second store in Downtown Brentwood named Cravings and Crystals. There, she is happy to offer yummy treats that are vegan, free from preservatives, and good for you. A baker provides cinnamon rolls in this space full of an assortment of crystals. 

When she wasn’t getting two new businesses up and running, somehow Bianca found time to write and self- publish her own book, Activate Your 

Pineal Gland: An Introduction to Your Third Eye and Exercises to Awaken the Higher Mind is available for purchase through Says the author, “Someone from my Facebook group approached, asking if I would write a book with them. Just three months prior, I had printed out a fake book sleeve, titled it and showed my name as the author, wrapped it onto a book, and placed it on my shelf. Each time I glanced at it, it was a reminder that I was a published author. When someone mentioned I should write a book, it was the affirmation I needed that it was time to make a longstanding dream come true. I wrote it and self-published, just like that.”

This self-proclaimed “fire starter” derives great joy in inspiring others to search for their own purpose. With compassionate guidance, she encourages people to create their ideal reality and takes delight in watching their dreams come to fruition. Bianca says, “Anyone can do this, they just have to believe. I see myself with a huge facility one day. It’s a challenge, but I keep my vibration up and positive so as not to get distracted from the big picture. And for me, that’s always going to be helping others grow into what they were meant to do or be.” 

Photos By German Siu


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