A New Approach To Healthcare

A New Approach To Healthcare

albert Vasquez P.A.-C. is a licensed physician assistant and paramedic/firefighter with an additional degree in exercise physiology. He’s a Bay Area native with a passion for changing the way healthcare is practiced in America. 

Now the owner of IV Performance Solutions, Albert began his journey as a firefighter for the San Jose Fire Department. His thirst for knowledge and desire to do more led him to go back to school to be a physician assistant (P.A.). A P.A. can see patients, diagnose, treat, and prescribe medication. They work under the license of a doctor within the same practice but are independent in their patient care. Albert attended graduate school at Stanford School of Medicine, earning his Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies in 2014. 

Immediately after graduation, Albert went to work for a private medical practice in Patterson, California. He also continued working with the San Jose Fire Department. 

“Practicing conventional medicine changed the way I looked at healthcare,” Albert explained. “I saw patients being prescribed medication after medication, and I had an issue with the way the medical community goes about treating illness and chronic disease. To me, it was lacking the educational component. I believe we can address health and wellness from a natural standpoint with a balanced lifestyle, exercise, sleep, and nutrition.” 


“It’s not about the service. It’s about the solution.”

He explained his thoughts on how conventional medicine didn’t allow for in-depth patient education. He was required to find a billing code for each service he provided, and he was displeased that there was no option for the additional time he spent coaching his patients on life choices. “You can’t bill for education,” he explained. “And, if it didn’t make money, they believed it didn’t make sense.” 

He added, “I wanted to focus on integrative medicine. Conventional medicine has its place, especially when there is a trauma involved, but when it comes to prevention, overall health/wellness, and chronic disease, it has missed the mark.”

Albert began a quest to approach healthcare differently, believing it was the component of living a healthy life that mattered most. He created a business model that focused on education and would allow him to dedicate at least 30 to 45 minutes to each patient per visit. He also wanted to incorporate intravenous therapy (IV) of vitamins, nutrients, and hydration into his care routine. 


2017, Albert opened IV Performance Solutions. His approach combines the conventional method of IVs with more holistic, natural, and wellness-focused recommendations.

“With this new, unique business model, I could begin with the infusions and talk to each patient about nutrition, exercise, and overall health,” he said. “It allowed me to truly practice personalized medicine. It’s not about the service. It’s about the solution.”

Albert talks to each patient about their goals and challenges and creates a specialized approach where they take ownership of their health. 

“We can ask questions to each patient and get candid answers, without feeling like they are ‘on the clock.’ To me, the IV therapy is the commodity,” he said. “Education is the difference-maker in what we offer. It’s personalized education and creating a plan where patients can do a better job of taking care of themselves.” 


“Many people come in proactively with a focus on staying healthy and putting their best foot forward every month.”

“Albert began a quest to approach healthcare differently.”















“The first thing we do when a patient comes in is identify their objective,” Albert explained. “I make sure we set goals and find the exact aspects they want to improve on. Then, I can decide what infusion is going to be the best and make the approach very specifically targeted to that objective.” 

Many people come in proactively with a focus on staying healthy and putting their best foot forward every month. Albert’s office sees them for multiple reasons, such as overtraining at the gym, fitness, stress, fatigue, or overindulgence. When they are doing a maintenance-based plan, he recommends they come once a month. 

“The vast majority of the patients we see are healthy people looking for a little boost. They want to operate at full capacity and feel like there is more they can do to thrive,” he said. 

The vitality infusion and standard vitamin infusion for immunity are currently the most popular. Through the pandemic, he has seen a refined interest in boosting the immune system and staying healthy. 

He also sees patients who are struggling with anxiety, endocrinology diagnoses, chronic diseases, autoimmune conditions, and even cancer. He explained, “I help them connect the dots and empower them to manage symptoms themselves. We cannot change the disease process, but we can address secondary symptoms like oxidative stress and fatigue.”

He elaborated, “Often patients with long-term conditions, can be sent into a tailspin very easily by environmental and lifestyle triggers. We help them identify those and offer education on how to pull away from behaviors that may set off an inflammatory response in the body. Managing nutrition, eliminating toxins, adding supplements to reduce the body’s workload are all part of the integrated approach. There is truly nothing worse than being at the mercy of your health condition and feeling like you don’t have a way to combat it. We help patients get control back.” 


Typically, vitamins are ingested by mouth. Albert explained, “When taking vitamins orally, they must get through the gut, which is very acidic. It degrades a lot of what we have consumed. Different models show that you may actually only absorb 25% of what you put in your body.” 

The nutrients, fluids, and supplements in their IVs are all pharmaceutical grade. Everything given at IV Performance Solutions is the same quality that could be administered by a hospital and clinic. 


Albert now has two locations: a main clinic in Dublin and a satellite office here in Brentwood, which is managed by three highly skilled nurses on his team. He also has a wide variety of infusions that he can do in homes, offices, and at events. He has a mobile IV clinic in a sprinter van that he takes to races, music festivals, and wellness events. 

The Brentwood office is now offering aesthetic services, such as Botox, fillers, PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy) facials, and microneedling. Albert hopes to grow these offerings, providing his clients with all the solutions they may need to look and feel their best. 

Albert sees his business expanding. Personally, he wants to continue his education in exercise physiology or cognitive behavioral therapy. 

IV Performance Solutions is a professional medical corporation, licensed through the State of California. It operates under a medical director with mid-level providers licensed to assess, diagnose, treat, and write prescriptions. Medical orders are sent through their system, and official protocols are followed verbatim. Office visits are self-pay, as they do not accept insurance. Some patients can be reimbursed for certain procedures or medication.

For more information, visit IVPerformanceSolutions.com. The Brentwood office is located at 1210 Central Blvd., Suite 109. Book an appointment online or call 209-499-9037. 

Photos By German Siu


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