New Technology to Transform Your Body

New Technology to Transform Your Body

The biggest strides in turning back the effects of time are happening right now!

To aid in your weight loss battles there are now numerous approaches that, when combined, will leave you with a revived, youthful physique and an even smoother appearance. My new Relieve Cryotherapy office is a step forward in tuning up and maintaining your body. I’m so excited about bringing this technology to East Contra Costa County; it’s far beyond the typical treatment approach to personal transformation. 

Prior to getting into the world of beauty, I worked as a social worker for Alameda County. One of the things I learned working there is that the management team didn’t necessarily know what their subordinates did to get the job done. They had no idea. When embarking upon opening my own business, I knew that I needed to put in long hours and learn every aspect of how to make it a success. My first business venture was K & K Beauty Supply in Antioch. It is the first black-woman-owned beauty supply business in town. The name is in honor of my two kids, Kashan and Kohle. I opened that store two years ago and it’s what inspired me to branch out and offer more in terms of self-improvement. My initial thought when I leased my Relieve space was hosting salon suites. During the time I ran my beauty supply business, stylists would often ask if they could rent some space from me. I thought I would make that a possibility. A few synchronicities happened soon after I got my fantastic office space, they were eye-opening interactions that led me in a different direction.

A unique opportunity that caught my eye while online one day was a pop-up ad for Cryotherapy training. The ad claimed you didn’t need a degree to use the technology and, in fact, there was not an initial investment required. That sounded intriguing. Once I checked it out further and signed up for the training that was to happen in Salinas, I found out that one of the attendees had an extra Cryotherapy chamber that was for sale. So, I bought it. The second confirmation of the direction in which I was heading came unexpectedly. I am friends with a fairly famous comedian named Capone. There was a conference taking place in New York of ladies from around the US who follow him online. We are called the Cap Backs. Here I am, going to New York, but as it turns out, speaking with one of the ladies in attendance at that conference was just what I needed to motivate me to create Relieve. I learned from her that in Atlanta there were some noninvasive therapies being used to enhance bodies. She told me about some specialized machinery she had invested in.


“It feels much like a blood pressure cuff when applied and it slowly sucks blood into the desired area”

Apparently, this new way of enhancing the body is all the rage back East, and clients are achieving fantastic results. I decided to bring this exciting new technology to my town.

To concentrate on fat reduction, the machine I use is called Cryoskin. I use a wand to help break down fat cells and freeze them. Fat cells are actually eliminated from the area after I work on it; however, to maintain the effect, a proper diet and exercise routine is required. The same machine can tone and firm sagging skin. It may even be used on your face to aid in removing fine lines and wrinkles. Another aid I use on clients fights the dreaded cellulite our bodies tend to accumulate on our posteriors. The machine is called Endospheres and, when applied, feels like a deep massage on the tissue it’s toning. The health benefits this machine provides of flushing your lymphatic system and the fact that it helps in the regeneration of red blood cells is great, but what I have personally experienced is relief from plantar fasciitis.

This was a true miracle in relieving the pain I was experiencing when walking. I have been through physical therapy for my plantar fasciitis, but it wasn’t until I used the Endospheres machine on the bottom of my foot that I could finally walk without pain.

If you want the benefits of a major workout but only have a limited amount of time, I’ve got just the solution. I offer the Wiemspro suit at Relieve. The suit uses electro-muscular stimulation, or EMS, which then stimulates the muscles by passing harmless electrical impulses through them. By mimicking the signals sent through your nervous system, EMS impulses cause muscle contraction. When combined with exercise, EMS creates up to 40 percent more efficient effort, which equals greater results with less output from you. The machine does most of the work. The same can be said about Cryotherapy. Sink down into the tank and let the cold treat a malady of ailments such as inflammation, migraines, mood disorders, skin conditions, joint and muscle pain, obesity, the list goes on.

“Sink down into the tank and let the cold treat a malady of ailments such as inflammation, migraines, mood disorders, skin conditions, joint and muscle pain, obesity, the list goes on.”

I have a machine that will give great results.

A sensitive topic, but one that needs addressed, is sexual health. I am pleased to offer aid to both men and women in this category. For women, I have specialized chairs and natural herbs in my Yoni steam room that will allow them to cleanse within. Vaginal steaming is an age-old natural remedy that cleanses the vagina and uterus while regulating menstruation and easing cramps and bloating. Different herbs can help treat different afflictions like stress, fatigue, hemorrhoids, and hormone imbalance. I will also be offering Yoni pearls. This is a satchel of herbs that are absorbed into your body vaginally and aid in overall womb wellness and cleansing by working with the body to expel dead cells, encourage blood flow, and increase moisture and tightness. For the men, I have a nonsurgical injection that goes under the skin providing enhancement to that area. This is something that has been popular in Atlanta, and I am hoping it takes off here too. There is no need for embarrassment; women have been working on themselves for decades and they aren’t shy about it.

Finally, addressing the effects of age or genetics on a body can be done without the use of a scalpel, or needle. To enhance the breast area or to lift and gain roundness in your derriere, I have a machine that will give great results. It feels much like a blood pressure cuff when applied and it slowly sucks blood into the desired area, giving it a lifted and enlarged effect. To turn back time a bit, the hyaluron pens that I will be using at Relieve can be used anywhere on your face to simulate the effects of fillers.

There isn’t an area on your body that I can’t help in some fashion. I am looking forward to being a one-stop weight loss, noninvasive health and wellness solution. In my offices, you will be able to order specialty juices that will aid in weight loss, get a massage, and even get microblading.

Along with all the specialty services I provide, this will be a unique place! I am offering the next wave of self-improvement. Maybe financial barriers have held you back, maybe it was time constraints or fear of pain that has caused you to delay making changes to your look, changes you have always wanted. All the excuses for the delay in putting yourself first are gone now. Technology in beautification has come a long way, now is the time to see what it can do for you.

Photos by Melissa Van Ruiten


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