Resort Living Resides Inside Delta Coves

Resort Living Resides Inside Delta Coves

Our delta is a unique environment. Our inland coastal territory offers so many opportunities for those drawn to the water, to be in it, near it, or simply gaze at it. For a majority of residents, weekend plans swirl around taking to the water to either fish, ski, or just float. The boating lifestyle is evident on every roadway leading to our various launches throughout Pittsburg, Antioch, Oakley, Bethel Island, and Discovery Bay. There are some lucky homeowners who have prime spots dotting the shores along the delta, but there is only one exclusive enclave in the East Bay that affords you the lifestyle of a luxury resort—complete with your own boat dock off of your spectacular new home. That place is called Delta Coves! 

Set upon a levee, higher than the roadway off of Gateway Road in Bethel Island, there is a development that has been decades in the making. Back in the 1970s when Discovery Bay was first becoming a haven for homes with water access, this new plot of land was also in the running to become a place to “live where you play.” The land developer at the time became embroiled in a legal battle with the county that eventually bankrupted the developer, leaving the site barren. Another developer attempted to make the area come to life when the financial downturn of 2009 hit. Although headway had been made by creating a 160-foot-wide channel connecting a 145-acre man-made lagoon to the delta and installing docks, without proper financing, the entire lagoon languished behind fences waiting for its rightful owner. 

“Their primary goal is to incite engagement and joyful living inside of our communities.” 



““Their primary goal is to incite engagement and joyful living inside of our communities.”

It took a skilled and accomplished team to bring the dream of this boating enthusiast haven to life. In 2017, new investors, Dune Real Estate LLC, Colony Capital, and SunCal sought out experts that could make the vision of Delta Coves a reality. Says Nick Taratsas, general manager of Delta Coves and executive vice president of DMB Development LLC, “We took a look at the property after it sat dormant for such a long time, and it was frankly quite startling. The project had been in such disrepair. It needed new life breathed into it to become what we could all envision it being. We started interviewing people from the area, gathering a sense of all it had to offer, and we just knew we had a great opportunity here.” That’s when DMB began laying out a plan for a neighborhood unlike any other in the Bay Area.

DMB Development out of Arizona has multiple shining stars in their portfolio of master-planned communities. With over 30 years, creating one-of-a-kind settings in Northern and Southern California, the south shore of Kauai, the snow-capped peaks of Utah, and the high desert of Arizona, DMB added another captivating setting inside of California by entering the aquatic waterways of the delta. Each locale is focused on emphasizing the elements that surround the area in which they reside. Their expertise is one that must be experienced to understand. 

DMB Development lets the builders create the structures in the community while they foster the lifestyle lived within. When you own a home inside of one of their planned communities, you are gaining a breadth of amenities that are sure to enrich your life. Says Nick, “We have what’s called a community life division. It’s not an HOA per se, although we do have the benefit of grounds maintenance and such. This goes far beyond that scope. Their primary goal is to incite engagement and joyful living inside of our communities. This is the intangible, non-physical benefit you gain when buying a home here.”

Stopping into the Welcome Center, I was greeted by Tylene St. Arnault. Tylene shared a wealth of knowledge about the area and the waterways. She leads an active on-the-water boating lifestyle and painted a perfect picture of the amazing amenities Delta Coves living offers inhabitants. “More than just a neighborhood, we have events, groups, and activities that draw the community together. Of course, during COVID-19 times, that has been a little different. For example, our most popular event last year was a socially distanced concert, with members in their own boats pulled up to the docks here in our lagoon. 

“The main dock and gangway are provided for every home. This means early morning ski runs, dusk paddle boarding, and heat-of-thesummer spontaneous plunges whenever you choose.”

“Entering the Island Camp felt just like driving into a resort for a vacation.”

We had the band Yachty by Nature playing for the residents. We also had an online mixology class, teaching residents virtually how to pour out a good drink or two.” Tylene then began describing the Island Camp, which was to be my next visit. “There’s a fully equipped fitness studio, a yoga and Pilates studio, outdoor pavilion for meeting up with friends and neighbors, and a 36-by-75-foot pool to lounge by.”

Entering the Island Camp felt just like driving into a resort for a vacation. Situated upon the immense 15,000 -square-foot plot, is an upscale club room featuring glorious views and an outside gathering area flanked by swings all around. There are many places to lounge with refreshments and proper commercial equipment for hosting any sort of gathering. Luxuriating beside the pool is made easy with the cabanas, changing rooms, showers, and lockers available. Outdoor fun is everywhere you turn, with a wide assortment of games, Ping-Pong, bag toss, and pool tables. There are also 100 additional 65-by-18-foot-wide boat slips available for leasing. Residing here really makes year-round resort-vacation living possible. All that’s left to do is pick a house!

Touring a new house should leave you with such an impression that you could see yourself living here in an instant, and that is clearly the case here. Walking into any of the floor plans in this community makes it extraordinarily hard to leave; you’ll just want to move right in. The well thought out placement of each area of the home is focused to best suit the surroundings, and views are very clearly center stage. Two homebuilders currently construct inside of Delta Coves. Blue Mountain has models that range from 1,800 to 2,200 square feet, while the Davidson Collection homes range from 2,600 to 4,300 square feet. These homes consider everything in their appointments. Japanese soaking tubs, wraparound decks, dual laundry rooms and masters, and snack alleys are just a few of the stunning features that stand out inside of these magnificent abodes. Another special option that is possible inside some of the models is a crow’s nest; climbing to the third floor allows for breathtaking views of our delta sunsets. Tod Kellogg, representing Davidson shared, “Bill Davidson is very selective about where he wants to build. I am originally from San Diego, but after being here since 2019, I’ve decided I love it here and want to stay! These homes perfectly integrate with the way people live here. They offer that relaxed, unplugged lifestyle that everyone is seeking right now. That is the appeal, and that is what’s drawing people from San Francisco and Silicon Valley to settle here.”

Approximately 500 homes are slated to be built inside of Delta Coves. Soon, 1,300 to 1,800 square foot homes will begin construction, allowing for a different segment of homebuyer. Says Nick, “With the different builders at Delta Coves, we can offer homes for second-home buyers, families, retirees, and multigenerational living. The pandemic really was a perfect turbo charger encouraging folks to seek out a new way of life. People can work from home and live in amazing surroundings, logging into their laptops as they gaze out at the water on their private deck. Even if they have to go into the office, BART connectivity is within the area.”

The real appeal to living here is made evident by gazing out any window while touring this neighborhood. It’s the water. The main dock and gangway are provided for every home. This means early morning ski runs, dusk paddle boarding, and heat-of-the-summer spontaneous plunges whenever you choose. It means pulling your beloved boat right up to your very own dock and being able to excursion out to anywhere you want to go, from Sacramento to San Francisco and beyond.

Bethel Island has long been known as a resort area. Some delayed maintenance to many of the buildings and roads is quite evident as you drive through town. That is currently being addressed by DMB; they will improve the roads, bring in more light poles and vegetation, and install signalized pedestrian crossings. “Ultimately,” says Nick, “the addition of Delta Coves residents to the community will lead to more patrons for more restaurants and grocery stores. Gates will be added to the exclusive community, but long-time residents of Bethel Island are welcome to explore the abundant trails and open spaces inside.” 

When you are looking to live alongside the delta’s perfect playground, look no further than to the shores of Delta Coves. This is a glistening gem that gleams brightly under the California sun. So unique and inviting, you may never want to leave once you visit. Just pick your plot and jump right in, the water’s fine. 


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