There’s Nothing More Certain than Change

There’s Nothing More Certain than Change

The span of a lifetime can be defined in much the same way a good novel unfolds. First comes emotional connection and character development, then pivotal points in time that shift the storyline. With each turn of the page, the reader is anticipating what will transpire. Just as each day is a chance for change, the start of every chapter is the opportunity for a new story where anything can happen! 

Tricia Piquero was an impressionable young girl full of all the spunk and energy needed to one day rule her destiny in great ways. Her prime example of a successful woman in her formative years was her mom who always instilled the importance of being independent and goal oriented. Having grown up in Durango, Colorado and San Leandro, California, Tricia indulged her adventurous spirit by visiting Europe and living in Hawaii after graduating from Cal State Hayward. Family ties pulled her back to the East Bay area and her naturally outgoing personality caused her to excel in selling real estate. 

Once she met her husband, Dino, her priorities shifted as she made time for him and her stepchildren. Family is the driving force behind every decision she’s ever made, including the time she decided to move to Brentwood in search of the perfect place to raise her growing family. Settling into suburbia was an easy transition for this community-oriented mom. Her philosophy of “it takes a village” led to her making strong connections, enveloping her family in a cocoon of friends who were more like family. Her family thrived in Brentwood, and she loved every aspect of this small-town lifestyle. She especially loved getting her local 110° Magazine, reading it from cover to cover and appreciating its heart-driven content about the people who live here. When she learned of an opportunity to purchase it from its founder and former owner, Don Huntington, she jumped in with both feet. 

For nearly 15 years, Tricia has been an active member and driving force behind a multitude of events for the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, and local nonprofits. She has explored and reported on the lives of local entrepreneurs, business leaders, future leaders, first responders, artists, politicians, and so many more. With her at the helm of 110° Magazine, Brentwood had a voice. The stories told on the pages throughout the years are a scrapbook of every good moment this town has had. And for Tricia, each issue was like giving birth. She doted on her magazine as she did her family. Her husband and eldest son have been involved from the very beginning; it has been a family effort. 



“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.” -Lao Tzu”

In 2009, Tricia made 110° Magazine the first in the area to go digital; she was the first in this county to do so with a print publication. She shares that acquaintances constantly stop her on the streets to express their love for the magazine, raving about the stories and photos they are excited to flip through every month. That is exactly how Tricia has always felt about the magazine herself. 110° Magazine is a beautiful exploration of our town and all the people who inhabit it.

Times change and COVID-19 brought about swift shifts. The cost of paper had already increased before COVID, but after, supply chain issues caused prices to skyrocket. Small businesses reinvented themselves during the COVID shutdowns, finding new ways to promote their business on a shoestring budget. She often shared with businesses how our local Better in Brentwood initiative, sponsored by the city, is a free way to share a business’s mission statement and tell its story. Advertising is a necessity for most businesses. No one will be interested in a business unless they are aware of it. How we advertise is evolving, and tracking those efforts is important. Where did this new client come from? Did they come across your business info by scouring social media or did they see an ad inside something they were reading, then Google it? How does a business get the most bang for its buck? Tricia and her sales team have been helping local businesses do that, understanding the local area, demographics, and different marketing platforms.


The good news is the 110° Magazine digital issues are always accessible, and the stories are at the top of most Google searches. The bad news is that the print copy is slowly becoming a thing of the past for many newspapers and magazines. Digital is the obvious path forward with many benefits and a better environmental impact. If you are not reading this from an email subscription, our website, or our social media sites, then we encourage you to subscribe and follow us. Subscribers have access to all 110° Magazine has to offer, they just need to go to the website and sign up. We are still printing copies this year; however, by 2023, we plan to transition to a larger digital presence. Readers will still see stories and information about our area. Alas, the format of the magazine is evolving, but many things will remain the same, such as the dynamic, well-written-and-photographed content spotlighting the best of our community.

Tricia has become a grandmother in recent years. Her youngest son has spread his wings and flown the nest. Her goal of being available to her young family has been met. It’s time for her next chapter to be written. During the COVID lockdown, her husband, Dino, taught her the ins and outs of being a DJ. Together, the couple helps local families hold the best celebrations full of awesome music, hosted by folks who bring the party with them wherever they go. Tricia will continue to do this after semi-retiring from 110° Magazine. 

When COVID first struck, Tricia, like many around her, became fearful for her family’s health, as well as their finances. She started focusing on health and wellness, and it turned into a new side hustle. A friend introduced her to LifeVantage products that benefited the health of her husband and son markedly, encouraging her to dig deeper into spreading the word to friends and family. Her success with selling LifeVantage products has turned into a strong source of income. It has also fed into her love for travel as she attends many company-sponsored events around the world! 

“‘From here on out, I am going to spend more time loving on my grandchildren, playing kickball, and socializing with all the great friends I have made in Brentwood.’”

“From here on out, I am going to spend more time loving on my grandchildren, playing kickball, and socializing with all the great friends I have made in Brentwood. 110° Magazine has been a passion of mine throughout the years, and now I am passing the baton to someone who will love and nurture it as I have. It’s the right time, and it feels good,” says Tricia. 

The soon-to-be new publisher is in the works of taking over as we speak and will be revealed in the next issue of the magazine. The new publisher’s intent is to expand 110° Magazine into the far stretches of Contra Costa County, concentrating first on the Walnut Creek and LaMorinda areas, then Livermore. The integration into becoming the new publisher is sure to be an exciting evolution and one to look forward to in the coming months. 

Volume 1 of 110° Magazine featured Don Huntington as the beloved man-about-town main character. Volume 2 saw Tricia Piquero step in as heroine and champion of the people, propping up this town and showing everyone what tenacity and belief in the human spirit look like. Volume 3 will surely be a must-read—full of reinvention, growth, and renewed focus. 

Everyone has a story to tell. The pages of 110° Magazine have told many. The lasting impression of uplifting our community, showcasing the quality of life we are gifted with here, and learning about our fellow travelers, is the mark that Tricia leaves behind. Her service to so many behind the scenes has not only been honorable, but selfless. The staff here at 110° Magazine wish her a life well lived and love well spread as she enters her next act. 


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