The Ericksons Know a Lot

The Ericksons Know a Lot

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Buying or selling a home is probably going to be the largest financial transaction you will ever make. Entering such a contract should never be rushed or taken lightly. Having the very best guidance to help educate you along the way to a definitive decision will never be as important as it is when securing or selling property. For that, you are going to want someone in your corner who knows everything about the industry, the area, the people, and the dynamics of the market. Plus, you will want a team pushing your interests forward with stellar marketing experience. Kevin and Tawnya Erickson are way more than just a top-selling husband and wife real estate team. They are the prime examples of why our community is such a fantastic choice for families and businesses alike; they are all about promoting the essence of success and happiness, which is—to thrive!

Kevin and Tawnya met when they were both just 17. By 22, they were married and Tawnya expecting their son. Kevin started his own business as an auto chemical distributor. Says Kevin about his early career days, “Those first two years of starting my business were terrible. I would go to the same customers every week and hear ‘no’ most times. But I was consistent, and after showing up week after week and being relentless, eventually, I got a ‘yes’ and grew my customer base. I learned that business is like a marathon. Everyone wants a quick fix, but commitment and tenacity are what it takes.” 


“Kevin has always been inspired to be a leader in his community.”

Adding to the challenging years of growing a business as well as providing for a family, unforeseen circumstances led to Kevin and Tawnya raising Kevin’s younger brother. Tawnya was a stay-at-home mom to two boys, and soon their daughter entered the family. Kevin grew his business greatly and sold it for a high profit. The couple turned their sights toward becoming real estate agents primarily because of the flexibility of work/life balance. Tawnya recalls, “If you remember what the market was like in 2003, it was so easy to sell houses. We would go to a few meetings a day and spend the rest of our time with the kids. It was ideal. Then, the market crashed in 2008 and we lost everything, our own house too. We got lucky selling foreclosures for a time but when that slowed down, Kevin decided to make a change. He said, ‘We will never be in this situation again, never!’” 

Kevin worked for about five years as one of the heads of business development for Comcast in San Francisco. In that time, he gained a vast knowledge of different cultures and how to grow a business’s reach. Kevin admits, “I am a huge nerd. I love to research and analyze data and how or why something works. That’s important when planning an approach to gain public interest. It’s what makes marketing work.” Kevin left Comcast to once again join Tawnya at a real estate brokerage, going back into the industry pressing harder than ever before with a clear head and stronger business acumen. 

Kevin has always been inspired to be a leader in his community. As a youth, he witnessed a family member’s involvement with Pittsburg’s City Council and serving as mayor. His great drive to be an uplifting force in the community that he loves is the basis for starting his Instagram Community page East County Living (@EastCountyLiving) in 2019. “Nobody really knows that it’s the guy from Erickson Realty Group that’s behind all the posts about small business, community events, and local happenings throughout East County. I don’t plaster advertising for Erickson Realty Group all over the page. It’s not about that. I’ve always been the orchestrator behind the scenes building other’s businesses and helping the community. Feeding viewers information on exciting things to do in the area helps drive people to the doors of the business entrepreneurs who make up our local economy. If they thrive, we all do. I’m doing my part to bolster their success, so they are around for years to come. The COVID-19 lockdown was proof that these places needed an outlet such as social media to stay top of mind and remain healthy.” 


east_county_living One of the best restaurants around East County @sweeneysgrillandbar. Can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Have a great day!

Tawnya says, “We spend about three to four nights a week out at local establishments, talking to the owners and really getting a pulse on what’s happening with them. Being super active and developing solid relationships with the leaders of the areas we work within, allows us to also be a resource for those people when they need it. All anyone ever needs to do is ask and we will be happy to support and promote them.” Kevin shared a story about a young woman who does facials who was recently highlighted on the East County Living page. She relayed her surprise at the rise in business she has received after Kevin had promoted her on East County Living. “I’m happy to hear that it was effective in gaining her more business. Can you imagine everyone spending just a little bit of time dedicated to helping others to thrive—where would we be, what could we achieve?” 

His passionate drive to keep the American dream alive for his fellow business owners could one day lead to a nonprofit that could facilitate marketing efforts for struggling restaurant and shop owners. The Ericksons are already members of the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Business Coalition, but Kevin is seriously considering becoming involved in local politics. 

“I’ve always been the orchestrator behind the scenes building other’s businesses and helping the community.”

“All anyone ever needs to do is ask and we will be happy to support and promote them.”

Their current observation of many clients leaving California has spurred them to create an online resource for folks looking to make the move. Says Kevin, “Diversity is key, we’ve got to reach further than our own town. I am entrenched in our community and could tell them every little thing there is to know about enjoying their lives here. But if I want to help people navigate in a different atmosphere, I need to set them up with an expert in that area. I am actively networking and vetting resources across the country so that I can help my clients migrate with confidence.” 

Motivation to live within a thriving community keeps this couple happily busy. With the current interest in home buying still robust, they have recently added even more professionals to their team. They are currently assisting about 20 clients, but with their applied skills in business, managing that workload is easy. Making sure their clients are entering or going to a place that will enrich them, is the key to their sense of accomplishment. As for the Erickson family, there’s no place better to live than East County. 


Photos By German Siu


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