Directing The Downtown Brentwood Coalition  Forward

Directing The Downtown Brentwood Coalition Forward

the Downtown Brentwood Coalition (DBC) was formed in 2008 and became a not-for-profit 501(c) entity in 2013. The group of volunteers has historically been comprised of property and business owners who join forces and devise plans for promoting businesses in the downtown area. In years past, those plans have led to many successful events funneling crowds of happy residents into the downtown area and its many eating and retail establishments. The DBC has been responsible for helping with the beautification and growth of the downtown area due to their active input to City of Brentwood leaders. Their influence has been so great, that recently they have been granted a resource that is sure to propel them further in their efforts to enhance economic growth. Entering as Executive Director of the Downtown Brentwood Coalition in December 2021, Amy Tilley has already made a great impact on the momentum of the DBC! They’ve already completed a total image overhaul in the short time since her arrival. There’s still lots to be done, but Amy believes she has stepped into a job that is perfectly suited to her specific skill set. 

Amy moved here in 2016 from San Diego where she had served as Deputy Director of Marketing Marine Corps Community Services for the Department of Defense. She has a background in corporate development and ran her own business consulting firm for several years. When the City of Brentwood posted the job opportunity for the executive director position, her phone was bombarded with texts and links to the posting. All of Amy’s friends thought of her immediately. Once she read over the responsibilities, she knew the job was meant for her. Amy’s position was made possible through a Memorandum of Understanding that allows for collaborative efforts between the city and the DBC for three years. Within that time frame, her high aspirations are set on attaining corporate sponsorships that will elevate the level of events the DBC orchestrates, and the proceeds garnered from them. Says Amy, “Previously, the DBC has been run by volunteers. They did a fantastic job of creating very successful events attracting community involvement. In fact, they have paved the way for me to build upon their success and implement new strategies to gain corporate interest. My goal now is to host events that carry the tagline ‘Presented by.’”


““Previously, the DBC has been run by volunteers.”

Brentwood is such a family-oriented town, Amy has devised big plans for making all the yearly events kid-inclusive. The downtown area is a big attraction to families, so creating a space that they frequent is an important goal for the DBC. Previously, DBC membership has been offered only to business owners but, going forward, Amy hopes to create individual and family memberships for the community. Those who join will be included in special incentives, discounts, activities, and events!

The DBC is more than business-focused, preservation and beautification of the downtown area plays a major role in their future plans. Fortunately, Amy has years of experience with writing grants and procuring the funding needed to keep our quaint downtown the charming neighborhood that it is now. The allure of the area was made possible by the DBC always striving to keep things interesting. The recently added patio overhangs and commissioned mural alongside the old Del Sol building are just two examples of how they have helped create a cool destination point with a welcoming and vibrant vibe! 




The Bridal Bazaar on April 10 will kick off 2022’s series of events scheduled to draw crowds into the downtown. Last year’s cornhole event was such a success that they will repeat it again this May. Throughout June and July, Amy is hoping to sprinkle in some smaller events and activities such as geocaching or a scavenger hunt. The DBC is really looking forward to enhancing the City of Brentwood summer events such as Concerts in the Park, too. In August, an event highlighting our agricultural heritage surrounding harvest time complete with a car show, will provide fun for all ages. Then in the fall, the ever-popular Oktoberfest event will precede the holiday heralding Winter Wine Stroll. 

The boundaries on the area the DBC serves will be expanded to include many more areas and businesses. Amy wants to collaborate with anyone interested. She has big ideas and is aggressively pursuing growing every small business in Brentwood to its full potential! Says Amy, “It’s funny because I will devise an event at a business that is going to draw people to their location, and the owner will look at me kind of in shock and ask, ‘This is free to us?’ To which I happily reply ‘Yes, this is what I am here for–to promote your growth.’” 
Photos By Melissa Van Ruiten


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