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My father was a celebrated veteran who, before I was born, lost one of his legs on a Vietnam battlefield.

We Are Bill Brandt Ford

01 December 2015

Bill Brandt Ford is a family owned-and-operated business.

The best in life comes when you can earn an income for doing something that you would have gladly done for no pay.

I opened my Brentwood Twin Tigers Academy of Self Defense more than a decade ago.

Energy costs are on the rise, and Bay Area residents are discovering the economic advantages of converting homes and businesses to solar energy.

I’m the owner of Brentwood Armory, which is a retai l firearms and shooting supply store.

I´m doing Sexton Heating and Air as a one-man shop.

Solar power is a technology whose time has come.

As one of the region’s leading purveyor of fine bridal rings, our K & Co. Family Jewelers has been filling an important East County jewelry niche since we opened our Brentwood store last July 18.

At ECC Bank, we are happy to provide loans to help businesses be successful, but it is essential that loan applicants understand the bank’s requirements to lend money so they can assist in helping them succeed.

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