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Sexton Heating And Air

24 February 2017

Sexton Heating and Air is a one-man shop.

Even though BAC Community Bank has kept abreast of the latest advances in banking technology, for more than five decades it has offered financial services in a friendly neighborhood bank style that is unfortunately vanishing from much of society today.

I´ve been interested in writing since childhood and felt that there was a book inside of me that needed to come out.

Our Affordable Path into the Health Care Professions.

I’m the owner and CEO of Harvest Festival Original Art & Craft Show.

Marie Quashnock and I are partners in Brentwood’s Alvis Quashnock & Associates, a Professional Law Corporation.

Despite being homeschooled all the way through eighth grade, Vanessa Strong did not hesitate to dive right into the mainstream school experience when she began her freshman year at Freedom High School, starting with athletics.

Improving Beauty

01 June 2016

For the past six years, I’ve been the owner and manager of Antioch’s European Wax Center.

Bank Of Stockton

02 March 2016

I’m the Bank of Stockton Marketing Director, with the mission of keep things at the bank organized and on the right track.

I was born in 1960 in Havana, Cuba.

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