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Helping People Make Their DreamTrips Come True

The Story of What I Am Doing and How I Came to Be Doing it


01 January 2019

Local Esthetician Launches Beauty Line

Nearing Completion! 

HomeLife Senior Care

02 November 2018

Serving The Needs of our Elders as a Business, Privilege, and Pleasure

 “Work-based learning is powerful because positive results come from exposing the students to actual office spaces and shop floors.”

the conversation

02 September 2018

i was at dinner last year with my husband and some friends. 

I was born in Antioch, March 4, 1938. My email address is digger1949 because for 25 years I owned and managed the Brentwood Funeral Home. However, there’s much more to my life than that. 

Tuning Up Our Lives

30 April 2018

When all aspects of you are in tune, you become music. out of tune, you become noise. (sadhguru)

Best of The Best

30 April 2018

110o  Magazine Best of 2017

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