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Local Sports Hero

01 February 2015

Marcus Malu grew up as the kid who was naturally good at every sport he played.

Local Sports Hero

02 January 2015

As part of a military family, Kaitlynn Zdroik knows what it means to frequently be on the move.

Close your eyes, clear your mind, and think back to your childhood. Now picture this, it is a hot, sunny summer day.

I am the current manager of the Brentwood Library. 

Local Sports Hero

05 September 2014

Danielle Fender dedicated her childhood to the soccer field, beginning at the house league level at the earliest age and advancing to a competition team by the time she was nine.

Todd French was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana. 

My  wife, Christine, and I are owners of J and C Estate Sales.

According to a 2012 poll by Pew Research

Gateway Canyons

08 January 2014

I’ve seen a number of marvelous resorts but last August I had the opportunity of previewing one of the most amazing get-away resorts of my life. 

Local Sports Hero

08 January 2014

Starting at the age of four, Kelsey Randall has always been involved in sports. 

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