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Local Sports Hero

01 February 2017

Chris Fender didn’t originally want to play football.

Soul Sisters Of Spirit

30 December 2016

I am a Scottish medium and have joined with two colleagues, Suzette Carlyle and Karen McCagh, to form the Soul Sisters of Spirit.

The Empowerment Project

01 December 2016

 The Antioch Rotary Club Empowerment Project is on a mission of changing the attitudes of Antioch schoolgirls toward themselves and towards the possibilities that lie in their future.

Life is like riding a bicycle.

Chris Calabrese has been the principal of Loma Vista Elementary School for the past three years and, after the difficult and scandalplagued learning environment that he stepped into, his kindness and intelligent leadership continues to bring joy to my heart.

Local Sports Hero

31 October 2016

Academics are crucial in preparing a child for their future, whether they want to be a teacher, engineer, or an astronaut.

Better in Brentwood

29 September 2016

The City of Brentwood has a shining new lease on the future. City planning moved into high gear in April 2014 when Gus Vina became our new City Manager.

Most competitors in the volleyball world begin their training at the youngest possible age, some of them first touching a ball at two years old.

I’m the head of the Phlebotomy department at Antioch’s Contra Costa Medical Career College (CCMCC).

Local Sports Hero

29 April 2016

Football has always been in Kobie Beltram’s blood; he just didn’t realize it until he was seven years old. 

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