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One Heart Two Homes

05 September 2014

Through our One Heart Two Homes real estate business, we are accomplishing good things in East County and around the world.

My life was wonderfully pleasant without significant drama or chaos through the end of 2012.

We founded NorCal Golf Academy in February of 2012

An essential challenge for any municipality or political unit is equipping

A Wellness Challenge

08 November 2013

I am owner and head chef at Walnut Creek’s Sunrise Bistro, but for the past three years I’ve been wearing another hat as a teacher at Concord’s Mt. Diablo High School. The school body is sub-divided into academies. Our particular career and technical education pathway is Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism. 

Having just started his high school career in August, Chris Moser is still shocked and honored to have left his middle school on such a high note.

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