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Marching for Change

01 August 2020

amidst all the agony over the recent death of George Floyd and with all the reoccurring pain the brutality of that magnitude brings to the surface, my family and I sat on the couch to watch a movie.

Being on the front lines 

Uplifting Acts

01 June 2020


honey THAT hustle

30 April 2020

“Honeys that Hustle Pop Up was created and founded on the belief system of community over competition, babes supporting babes, and the idea that we are better together.”

Born on a dairy farm in Minnesota and spending countless summers on my grandparent’s property in Montana has given me a unique connection to the outdoors. 

gabriella AND arnoldo

01 February 2020

WALKING in Love THROUGH A Dark Valley

Working Against Bullying, School Violence, and Teen Suicide

We Supplied All the Medical Equipment Needed by an Underfunded Calcutta Hospital


31 October 2019

Moving Beyond Dark Emotional and Spiritual Legacies from Iraqi Battlefields

My Own Photo Exhibit and the Pathway I Followed to the Photographer’s Trade

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