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My father is Irish-Creole and my mom is a Filipina, so with my light brown complexion and dark hair, I can easily pass as ethnic Malay Polynesian.

I was born in Pittsburg, the youngest of four children.

My 11-year-old son, Christian, has been taking drum lessons for a couple years.

On My Way To Broadway

30 September 2015

I am 18 years old and aspire to a life as a song and dance professional.

I ’ve been interested in music since early childhood and am self-taught on all the instruments commonly used in band performance.

The Music Of My Life

01 August 2015

I was born in a Walnut Creek hospital on September 12, 1960 and raised in Concord.

The two of us wrote a book called Which Fork Do I Use? with the tagline, “Comfortable and Confident Dining.”

My love for music began when I was five years old, growing up in Union City.

A Decade Of Music

08 April 2015

I have lived in Summerset since coming here in 1999 for my retirement.

The Good Life

04 March 2015

The Brentwood Artist Of The Year Describes Her Art And Her Life

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