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“Life Is So Precious”

02 September 2018


My Emerging SOL Textiles Business Miracle

Starry Nite Studios

29 March 2018

Starry Nite Studios has become the platinum standard in East County’s growing paint party phenomenon.

Roxanne Pardi is the Managing Director and I am Artistic Director and Choreographer for the Clayton Theatre Company. 

The Magic Kingdom has a special attraction for me.

Going My Way

31 October 2017

I’m a hometown boy, born and raised in Antioch, which had a small town atmosphere in my childhood years.

RAVEN’S Transformations

29 September 2017

 I’m changing people’s l ooks — sometimes horribly.

Your Art Studio

30 July 2017

Michael DeWilde opened his Your Art Studio facility in Antioch’s Somersville Towne Center on March 28, 2015 as part of his mission to provide an environment with tools and spaces in which creative people can explore their imagination in any way they wish in the artistic field of their choosing including music, art, and writing.

For the past decade, I’ve been on the board of the East Contra Costa Historical Society and Museum.

From my earliest memories I loved art and wanted to be an artist.

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