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Finding The Perfect Dental Implant Specialist

31 August 2015 Written by  By Tane Rontal, DDS

A nice smile is one of the most prized possessions of anyone who hopes to make a positive impact on the people they associate with on a daily basis as well as others they meet in passing.

Missing, badly decayed, seriously misaligned, and discolored teeth will affect how people regard you. The matter is especially important if you need to make a particularly good impression on a hiring manager in a job interview, for example. Even more important than the impact that the problems with your smile might have on others, is the effect that bad teeth can have on your own sense of personal confidence and self-esteem. Being ashamed to laugh, trying to hide your teeth behind a hand, or turning your head when engaged in conversation are behaviors that send out non-verbal discouraging signals to others. You will be amazed at how quickly you can improve your appearance and feel better about yourself if you find a qualified dentist who can create the perfect smile for you. Choosing the right dentist is easy if you know what to look for. If you or someone you know are in need of dental implants, here are some guidelines for selecting a dental professional who will help you in securing a perfect smile that will improve your quality of life. The first thing to check for with prospec­tive implant specialists is their willingness to take time to educate you about dental choices, procedures, and costs. Good dentists will pay attention to your needs, listen carefully to your questions, focus on your concerns, and make suggestions based upon both your personal and financial concerns. They will teach you about procedures and processes — and will do so using normal language and easy-to-understand terminology so you can make an informed decision among alternative treatment plans. Having a clear understanding of all the available options will ease your mind about making the final decision about treatment options. Another thing you should consider when choosing an implant specialist is the use of leading-edge equipment. When it comes to implants, 3-D imaging technology provides the dentist with a detailed map of your nerves, sinuses, and bone quality. The dentist can use this information for precise placement of the implant in the ideal location. For the past decade, I’ve been doing dental implants on East County patients ranging from a single missing tooth to a complete teeth-in-a-day smile. I’m happy to offer prospective patients a complimentary consultation to discuss options. You can be assured that I meet and exceed all of the qualifications that I’ve just described as being indicators in finding an ideal dental implant specialist. Come in soon and I will be happy to provide for you the smile you’ve always wanted — the one that will make others delighted with your appearance and, most importantly, the one that will leave you thrilled and excited to laugh again!  

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