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We're Simplifying Solar

01 August 2015 Written by  By Aaron Bryant, With Jeffery Tamayo
Published in July 2015 Articles

Energy costs are on the rise, and Bay Area residents are discovering the economic advantages of converting homes and businesses to solar energy.

An increasing number of them are doing so through West Coast Solar. Beginning with our first solar installation, in 2007, our highly trained installers have provided the highest quality products and excellent service at competitive prices.

We are excited about West Coast Solar being listed on the INC 5,000 list of Fastest Growing Companies in the United States. Our success, in part, comes from the fact that we specialize in creating satisfied solar customers. We utilize the industry’s leading manufacturers, suppliers, and financing partners to address nearly any residential, commercial, or agricultural challenge clients can bring. Part of what makes this business so satisfying is seeing the pleasure our customers experience when they throw the switch for the first time and begin using electricity that they no longer have to pay for. I have solar panels on my own house and my utility bill, which formerly averaged $650 a month, is now zero.

We understand the advantage of recycling our own dollars back into our community. Both of us are long-time Brentwood residents, our kids attend local schools, so we are lifelong advocates of buying goods and services from local companies whenever it makes sense to do so. Supporting local businesses generates an economic tide that lifts and supports the entire community.

It simply makes sense for local residents to use the same logic for their solar power purchase by employing the buy-local mentality that we have ourselves towards other businesses. Even though our projects spread throughout Northern California, our real interest lies in serving our East County neighbors. Purchasing solar from us is always a wise decision because our warehouse and office are in Brentwood. Our 35 employees are residents who pay local taxes for schools and municipal services. They plow their paychecks back into the community through their purchase of local services and products.

People are learning about the advantages of doing business with us; word of mouth has been an effective marketing resource in getting out the word that West Coast Solar is the best source for competitively priced energy systems. We’re succeeding because we make the case that the local choice is the best buy from a business point-of-view. Our company has been Best Of Brentwood for Solar every year that the category has existed.

The Cities of Brentwood, Oakley, Antioch, and Discovery Bay, as well as the county, are beginning to promote solar in a serious way. Most of them have signed on to the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) program, which provides a financial pathway to solar ownership with no credit requirements. Municipalities are financing installations as loans that homeowners will pay back through subsequent tax payments.

We spoke personally with one of our satisfied customers, Miles Paulson, who went solar a few months ago. We learned that he chose us because we are local and promised to get the job done fast. “You did the installation in a day,” Miles said. “I was amazed!”

Miles added that there were other reasons for choosing us. “After interviewing sales reps from five other companies, we were really confused,” he said. Miles added that he was relieved when he met with our sales rep, Mike Kleeman. “Mike met with us for only an hour,” Miles said. “He was low-key and thorough. He made our choices and options perfectly clear.” The process is admittedly complicated but, as Miles’ comment indicated, we have learned how to bring clarity and understanding in order to help customers understand their choices and options. In particular, Miles said that Mike was the only one to recommend the PACE payment option, which enabled him to finance the entire installation through impounded tax deductible line-item assessments on future property tax bills. CaliforniaFirst set up Miles’ contract, which required no credit criteria or out-of-pocket startup expense.

Miles further added that reps from other companies not only failed to tell him about PACE, but some pressured him to make choices that he didn’t like. Furthermore, he said that some companies were booked out months into the future. “West Coast Solar scheduled the job promptly,” he said. “They showed up on the agreed-upon date and then performed the installation while I was at work. I returned home to find the job done and the system turned on.”

The solar industry is growing rapidly. Equipment is better, the technology is mature, great financing options are available, and government supports are in place. The solar option is compelling for anyone spending more than $100 a month in energy costs. Besides reducing or eliminating energy bills, solar ownership often increases property values. Solar energy acquisition is one of the few choices in which contributing to the environment improves personal finances.

Going solar, which was always a good decision, has become an irresistible choice for discriminating property owners including those who are aware of potential economic advantages, not to mention the fact that solar is the environmentally responsible path to electric energy.

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