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Restoring Your Smile

02 January 2015 Written by  By Michelle Lasslee
Published in January 2015 Articles

What sparked your passion for dentistry?

I worked as a dental assistant for an amazing and compassionate dentist. He taught me details about dentistry and patients that cannot be acquired in an academic setting. Dental problems are not black and white. Each patient has their own set of facets that make them unique. Additionally, I was severely dental phobic. As a child I had horrible dental experiences, and walking through the door into a dental office was terrifying to me even as an adult. This insight has given me the opportunity to connect with patients at a level of understanding that other people cannot understand without firsthand experience. Through his mentorship, I was able to connect with patients, problem solve, and identify treatment that was appropriate for that particular patient. I had so much fun with the dentist and the patients that I was excited to go to work every day. I laughed and had fun every single day! One patient’s statement vividly stands out in my memory. She said, “I wish I could have this much fun at work.” It’s not work for me; it’s what I love to do!

What is Teeth in a Day?
Teeth in a Day is one of the most successful dental procedures available. It can give a person back their self confidence, their smile, their ability to eat properly, and ultimately having teeth back again can restore an entire life. Patients that have grossly decayed dentition, have extreme gum disease, been in an accident, or have had any problems leading to failing teeth and a discontented smile can benefit from this procedure. A full set of teeth can be placed in one day at one office. The patient leaves the office with a beautiful smile! The teeth are secured onto four implants that are placed at angles that support the healing process. The roof of the mouth is free of plastic so food tastes great again, and the teeth are not removable. The patient regains their smile and loses the embarrassment and hassle of removing their dentures every night. During the healing process the pain of rubbing and loose dentures is eliminated because the full set teeth are attached to the implants and not dependent on the gum tissue for stability. The healing process for the implants takes about four to six months; at the end of the healing process new permanent teeth are made and secured onto the implants for a natural and beautiful smile.

What type of patient is best suited for this option?
Patients of every age can benefit from this option. Ideally, a patient must not smoke during the healing process. Smoking creates the biggest chance for failure. Patients under the care of their medical doctor for serious health issues must get clearance from their MD before the surgery. We work together as a team to ensure the patient is properly cared for and they receive the best treatment at all times. Diabetics generally have slow and poor healing capabilities and may have a longer healing period. Generally, a person with a healthy immune system will have the fastest healing time.

What is the first step someone should take to find out if Teeth in a Day is right for them?
A comprehensive and informative consultation is the very first step. Patients are best equipped to make an informed decision as to what is the best treatment option for them after they have been educated and all of their treatment options have been reviewed. I encourage patients to bring a family member that can assist in asking questions. Also, writing down questions before the consultation can be beneficial. Many times consultations can feel overwhelming when discussing a problem that has been so devastating to someone up until now. Understanding that there is a solution to the problem is empowering. Difficult or impossible dental situations are now in the patient’s control and that is exciting!

Once a patient has selected the Teeth in a Day procedure, what can they expect the process to be like?
After the initial consultation and Teeth in a Day is what the patient desires, the patient will go in for a pre-operative surgical consultation with the oral surgeon. A 3-D Dental Cone Beam x-ray will be taken. Bone density and quality will be assessed, and implant planning by the doctors will begin. The patient will have impressions taken; then tooth shape, size, and color will be chosen. The teeth to be placed the day of the surgery will be fabricated in advance. Fabrication of the teeth takes approximately three weeks. The day of the surgery will be at the oral surgeon’s office; I will be there during the surgery and after the implants are placed, I will position the temporary teeth for a perfect smile. Over the next four to six months the bone and titanium implants will  integrate and become fused together as one. This is the time for the patient to adjust to their new smile. If the patient desires a change in the shape or color of their teeth, this can be easily accommodated when the new set of permanent teeth are custom made. The implants are tested for optimal stabilization, and the final beautiful teeth are permanently placed for a gorgeous and lasting smile.

What about Teeth in a Day excites you so much?
What I love most about what I do is having the skills to change someone’s life in such a profound way. It’s hard to describe the feeling of pure joy I get from the journey of when I first meet a patient that is in tears because of the condition of their teeth and then going full circle to tears of elation from seeing their new smile. The excitement goes beyond a stunning new smile; health is restored, function is regained, and the enjoyment of being able to eat what you want, when you want, without embarrassment is priceless.

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