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Providing Mobility For Contra Costa Residents

03 November 2014 Written by  By Don Huntington
Published in November 2014 Articles

Craig Coogan, owner of Brentwood’s Lift & Transfer Specialists, said that his company is the West Coast’s premier go-to resource for easy-to-use custom designed patient transfer systems.

Their products are perfectly safe and designed to eliminate the stresses and strains that often cause injuries to caregivers’ backs, shoulders, and arms.

Craig is placing special emphasis upon serving the veterans of foreign battlefields with debilitating and incapacitating injuries. Craig uses his remarkable products together with the experience and engineering skills gleaned from his decades in the industry to assemble a custom solution to perfectly match each soldier’s unique needs. He is also meeting the challenges of aging veterans with various types of disabilities.

Lift & Transfer’s line of custom products sets them apart from other medical equipment suppliers. The company brings to

every job the knowledge, expertise, and attention to detail that results in providing users with the greatest possible level of mobility. “We are not a one-size-fits-all business,” Coogan said. “Every customer is treated as an individual.” Coogan will never do more or less than a particular situation requires. He determines what that perfect solution would be and then creates the ideal custom installation to match the need, such as ALS, MS, or some form of paralysis.

Coogan was perhaps drawn to the business by his DNA, because as a high school student he began working with his dad’s interior designer business on projects throughout Southern California. While studying at Santa Monica College’s Design School, he realized that he was more interested in the construction part of the business than the design part, so following graduation he worked in several industries including ceramic tile, granite, and wallpaper — everything from sales and installations, both commercial and residential.

In 1997, Coogan began his own contracting business and said that he was first introduced to the world of Patient Lifting and Transferring when an Orange County sales rep introduced him to a product line called Sure Hands Lift & Care Systems that offered a variety of products designed to safely transfer somebody from a wheelchair into a bed, bathtub, pool, or shower.

Coogan’s background in interior design together with his construction experience provided a perfect fit for the home medical industry. For example, most of the systems require installation of an aluminum track across ceilings or up a flight of stairs. Each installation is unique, of course, since each of the homes or facilities differ from all the others. The installation has to be perfectly functional for the clients while satisfying the aesthetic requirements that Coogan said seemed as important for some customers as functionality. Installing a perfectly effective, efficient, and attractive track system or stair lift would only be possible if the installer possessed requisite professional-level design and construction skills and experience.

Coogan’s reputation brought him an increasing amount of business with the Palo Alto and San Francisco Veterans Administration and Regional Centers throughout California, particularly with the Regional Center of the East Bay (RCEB), which services all of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. He began installing track systems designed for developmentally disabled children as well as systems for handicapped adults and seniors. Coogan expanded his product line to include designing and installing mobility related equipment such as custom ramps, custom chair lifts, and porch lifts for spaces lacking sufficient space for a ramp.

Lift & Transfer employs a staff of 10 and is still growing with sales reps in territories from the Mexico border to the Oregon state line, and in Nevada.

Lift & Transfer systems have been installed in numerous public schools throughout the local area, including local high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools with transfer capabilities for such things as diaper changes and showers. The company also installed systems for safely mounting physically challenged people on horses in hippotherapy projects.

Stair lifts, an important transfer technology for private homes, has become a prominent part of Coogan’s business. They enable elderly or physically challenged people to remain in their homes even when they can no longer climb stairs. The technology has proven a godsend for some local residents because it turns what was an inaccessible home into something that is perfectly accessible. The lifts are so designed that people can use them with much less effort than climbing the stairs.

Coogan takes satisfaction from seeing the final result of his work. “My ultimate satisfaction,” he says, “comes from the knowledge that Lift & Transfer has made the world a better place for thousands of people.”

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