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honey THAT hustle

30 April 2020 Written by  By Charlotte Vigil
Published in May 2020 Articles

“Honeys that Hustle Pop Up was created and founded on the belief system of community over competition, babes supporting babes, and the idea that we are better together.”

Have you ever felt punched in the gut with a big idea? Well, that’s exactly what happened for me with Honeys that Hustle Pop Up. After watching so many inspirational women on social media and following their stories, I came across a pair of besties from North Carolina who created a traveling pop-up shop featuring women-led brands and they were killing it! Pop-up events, temporary shopping booths, and pop-ups in unique spaces have become very popular. I instantly saw the vision and thought to myself, I want to bring this type of pop-up event to Brentwood–with my own spin on it, of course! 

When I became a mother, I found myself in a conundrum that some mothers find themselves in, at one time or another. I wanted to stay at home with my daughter, yet, my income was needed. I tried the in-home daycare route for a while and soon realized that wasn’t my calling. Next, I worked for a party rental company and when the owner decided to move on from the business, my husband and I took over in 2018. The party rental business wasn’t exactly my passion but offered me that flexible schedule which I was so grateful for. Being in the party rental business led me into the networking arena. I became involved with DNP, Delta Networking Partners, and realized that I had a great passion for networking. 

After a mentor encouraged me to use my background in fashion, I decided to try my hand at an online boutique, I called it Haute Haul Boutique. I obtained my seller’s permit/wholesale license and began attending pop-ups and school events as a vendor. I found that working alongside other women entrepreneurs was supportive and exciting. I began to feel a desire growing within me to find a way to grow my business, help other women grow their businesses, and truly support one another. I love this idea of women promoting women and felt the question burning, “How can we show genuine care for one another and actually promote and support one another?” I had attended pop-up events and sip and shops, but nothing catered to women exclusively or offered an experience to remember. Of course, we are all familiar with the “babes supporting babes” line, but how many babes are actually doing that? I wanted to put this to the test by not just saying those words, but actually proving them! I also love to incorporate the tagline, “hustle inspires hustle” because it truly does! Get a group of ladies together with the same passion and goals, and watch the magic happen! With that, Honeys that Hustle Pop Up was born. The name emerged out of my deep care for women in business and my desire to see women supporting each other in business. 

As the name emerged and the idea grew, I knew exactly where my first pop-up had to be! I reached out to Britney Sandoval at Petersen Vineyards and asked if I could meet up with her to share my idea. Of course I had nothing prepared or planned. I just knew that I had to share my idea of bringing women together to have an experience like no other. She invited me over to hear more and have a casual chat about it (or so I thought). I arrived in a tee shirt and jeans, not planning to pitch my idea in any organized manner. Much to my surprise, her father, Peter Petersen, was there waiting to hear too. I was able to share authentically about my dream and it turns out that a perfectly planned pitch wasn’t necessary. Only a couple months later, in August 2019, the first Honeys that Hustle Pop Up event was held at Petersen Vineyards. The fact that it was a smoldering hot day with several other large Brentwood events being held simultaneously didn’t stop us from being a huge success. We had at least 300 people show up. It was such a tremendous hit and received so much recognition, Petersen Vineyards asked us to come back three months later in November 2019. Two weeks later, we held another event in downtown Brentwood next to Spinola Farms. From there, the momentum hasn’t stopped! 

While I originally planned to showcase my own vendor booth for Haute Haul Boutique at the first Honeys that Hustle Pop Up event, I found that I was so energized and excited meeting women and promoting their businesses, my booth never got set up! As it goes in life, one step leads to the next and now I find myself envisioning this event on an even larger scale, adding new ideas to the mix and bringing in options and opportunities for all involved. 

It’s quite a moment when a vision becomes a reality. I desired more than an average pop-up event for women, I wanted them to have an experience and that’s exactly what we deliver. The “we are better together” experience includes a day of chair massages, cool accessories, on-trend fashion, beauty services, music, workshops, food, and friends. None of my success with Honeys that Hustle Pop Up would be possible without the help of Morgan Soderberg from Savant Garde Events. She has the great responsibility of organizing and strategically placing all of our vendors in a manner that makes our pop-up such a success! 

“These self-starting women in business offer their unique talents; they are artisans, crafters, and jewelers.” 


We have two groups of honeys. The first are the amazing boss babes who bring their dreams forth to share with the world, they are the vendors you will meet at our events. These self-starting women in business offer their unique talents; they are artisans, crafters, and jewelers. Some of our honeys may not have a tangible item to offer but they want to participate in our movement by sponsoring our event or offering their services in one way or another. A fun experience I’ve had working with different vendors is watching them expand their businesses. I once asked a vendor who creates balloons for children’s parties to participate in our pop-up. As a result, “adult balloons” were a fun and unexpected part of the pop-up and we had an entertaining demonstration of one on stage! 

We love to take care of our honeys! Prior to a Honeys that Hustle Pop Up event, we have a meet and greet which offers a time for these ladies to connect with one another, talk about the upcoming plans for the event and get motivated and inspired. 

The second group of honeys are the incredible women who show up to our traveling popup events ready to take a day off for themselves, enjoy an uplifting atmosphere, have fun, dance, sip, shop, and support other women. All the honeys come together for the joy of building community, inspiring one another, and an awesome experience!


We hit the ground running last summer and just recently came up for a little breather to build our website. We are so grateful to have had much success in such a short amount of time. My big idea keeps growing. I don’t think it’s an accident that I continue to meet up with women who offer me suggestions which spark new ideas that propel my vision forward. I can’t wait until our next event to implement them. For example, we have a DJ playing music throughout the whole event. For our future events, we’re looking at taking short breaks from the music to offer turn up fitness motivation, dance instruction, and inspirational messages. Through our website, women can apply to become a vendor, track our upcoming events, and check out our sponsors. On July 18, we’ll be in Walnut Creek at the Shadelands Ranch Pop Up. We’re calling this our Mega Mix because it will be our largest event yet with 50+ vendors. The event will include food trucks, mobile bar, live DJ, and the raffle will support Shadelands Ranch Museum and the Women’s Suffrage exhibit. Our events are free to attend. We have a new VIP option which we are offering to the first 100 attendees. VIP will be $20 and will include a swag bag filled with goodies and early entry to shop with show discounts. 


As I watched my daughter recently take the stage for a school performance, I was so proud that she had stepped out of her comfort zone and taken on a solo part. She sang her heart out in front of a full auditorium. No small endeavor! I was reminded that we all have something powerful within us. It may have wanted to come out when we were 11 years old, like my daughter, but maybe we never gave that dream wings and it still remains locked inside.

There may be a woman entrepreneur out there feeling burned out and ready to give up on her business. Perhaps there’s a lady who’s working the nine-to-five grind, unfulfilled, but has that long held dream burning in her heart. What if that woman has the opportunity to attend an event hosted for women, by women, where she feels encouraged and her dreams are supported? Could that experience change the course of her life? I believe it could. 

Honeys that Hustle Pop Up was created and founded on the belief system of community over competition, babes supporting babes, and the idea that we are better together. We like to add in, “don’t just say it, prove it!” Proving it looks like a group of women who come together to enjoy life, learn, grow and encourage each other. My desire is for women to leave our events knowing with all their hearts that they can live out their desires and passions. I’ve had so many women inspire and uplift me over my years and I want every woman to feel that same support. This is why I say we are a traveling pop-up that provides more than an event, we provide an experience. The experience is valuable to all the women who participate.

“I was reminded that we all have something powerful within us.”

It feels to me like once I hit 40, I finally figured out my passion and purpose. With each step I take, my vision continues to expand. I see us moving into an even larger network of women. I’m not sure what the growth for Honeys that Hustle Pop Up will look like in the future but I know it’s mighty and far reaching. The goal–women inspiring women. 

Photos by Melissa Van Ruiten


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