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01 October 2019 Written by  By Fransena Harmon
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Brentwood needed a little something special, a place to find something perfect to wear, an outfit that makes you feel ready to take on the world. 

New2You LX is that unique boutique. We offer clothing and accessory items for women, men, and young adults. We specialize in new and on-trend clothing items and accessories from local vendors in California and selected high-end brands. New2You also has clothing, shoes, and accessories on consignment from the public. You can tell the difference between the new items and used items, because the used clothing we like to call “Preloved” has a purple heart sticker on the tag.

Our humble spot is also the host of many popular brands that are hard, if not impossible, to find in our area. For our new and on-trend clothing items we have brands: 42gold, Steve Madden, Hidden Jeans, Super Dry, Lemonade Stand, Supreme, Official Brand, Caliber Denim, She and Sky, Tateossian London, BWeiss Leather, Liz Soto, Sneak Peek, Lush, and Beach Joy. For Our “Preloved” Clothing we carry: True Religion, Nike, Adidas, Vans, Converse, Calvin Klein, Victoria Secret, Express, Zara, H&M, Miss Me Jeans, Champion, Hudson Jeans, GStar, Guess, Michael Kors, Coach, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Ferragamo, Maurice’s, Hollister, Lacoste, Apt9, Ann Taylor Loft, White House Black Market, Brandy Melville, Dickies, Obey, Levis, Bebe, Polo, Diesel, Knowledge Cotton, and Puma, just to name a few. You don’t have to travel to Walnut Creek or San Francisco to in-store shop these brands anymore.

Prior to becoming a store owner, I was a Personal Administrative Assistant for a finance company in San Francisco. I had wanted a change for a while and longed to lend my community service. I worked for two years as a Community Relations Associate for a youth organization in Oakland, California. After that, I was fortunate to do the same type of work for an organization that tackles the issue of homelessness in Contra Costa County. I found I love people. I love to talk with people, learn their needs, and make them happy. Fashion has always been a passion of mine also. I was looking for a consignment boutique to buy and found this store listed on a site called Biz by Sell. I met with the previous owners, Kryale and Hillary, and we discussed terms. I was excited after some months of negotiation, to take over as the new owner. With New2You, I get to dress people and help them express their individuality and feel great about themselves and their new look. I get the pleasure of working with local models, designers and entrepreneurs from all walks of life.

A lot of thought went into the overhaul of the interior design. We added laminate floors that look like rustic wood, in place of the carpet. All our clothing is now hung from wooden hangers. We chose to paint the entire store a California ocean blue. To represent the flavor of Northern California, we hired a spray paint/graffiti artist to do a backwall mural. An extra special addition is our photobooth, where you can take a picture. If you take a picture of your outfit and post it to social media, you will receive 10% off your purchase. We offer clients an opportunity to sell their items through high-end consignment splits, offering store credit, and paying cash for sneakers, handbags, and purses. We steam every item of clothing that comes in our store, before it hits the floor. A goal for us is that our store smells fresh and clean with every visit. Another important element that we put our efforts toward was creating a fully functioning website that contained most of our inventory. We want to encourage shoppers to check in with us regularly, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook @new2youLX to see the latest fashions hitting the store.

Adding to the diversity of New2You, we have the great honor of working with an exciting mix of local designers and entrepreneurs. Currently, we are working with a young lady who creates all-natural soy wax candles. This ambitious 14 year old loves what she does and is elated to showcase her passion to shoppers in Brentwood. We feel that as a small business, it’s important to give back to our local community, by offering its members a space where they can show off their creative, artisan talents, and pursue their dreams.

Our sights are set on the future. We want to bring more awareness to the wastefulness of the clothing industry and refocus shoppers on the benefit of eco-friendly clothing brands. When you shop “preloved,” you are doing more for the planet and the future than you can imagine. Fashion is a revolving door of trends. Change happens so quickly, what’s hot one week is not the next. To me, the importance of clothing is all about what makes you comfortable and feels good. A big change for the clothing industry has to be driven by people becoming more aware of the products they put on their bodies. We all need to make more conscious decisions, by reading labels and tags on clothing. Manufacturers should be more interested in ensuring their fabrics can break down easier or can be reused to make more products. Secondhand stores are leading the way to a whole new way of thinking. Many people are taking old clothing, upcycling them, and creating new, more fashionable items out of them. Much can also be said for our societies concern for the people who labor hard over making our clothing and their current living conditions and wages. It all comes full circle and we must be aware of every aspect of how it affects our world thumbprint.

New2You has the luxury of introducing those hard-to-find brands to people, who may not have heard of them otherwise. I get great joy in styling people in different clothing items and accessories they would have never considered wearing. Seeing a customer’s expression when they look in the mirror and feel wonderful, let’s me know I belong here. I’m providing clients a peek at themselves, in a totally different light. Our staff loves helping to make that magic happen. We make the shopping experience fun, it’s like a fashion show just for you. 

Photos by Casey Quist

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