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Brentwood Outdoor Living

01 September 2017 Written by  By Kevin King

Brentwood Outdoor Living provides one-stop shopping for furnishing and equipping backyards and patios.

One of our most popular items is a wide selection of hot tubs ranging from 2-person to friends-and-family sizes suitable for up to seven people. We also offer an impressive variety of outdoor grills with a selection suited to any budget and style — from a 24-inch Blaze Grill, which is a suitable barbecue unit for a small family, all the way up to 54-inch Twin Eagles that could grill hotdogs or rib eye steaks for two dozen backyard party guests.

We accommodate any style of seating with selections of chaise lounges, Adiron­dack chairs, and deep-seat cushion chairs including large sofa-size lounges that would be a quality addition to many living rooms but are designed for outdoor use. Backyard dining tables are available in any size as well ranging from small 4-seat patio tables to large outdoor dining-quality tables that can extend to ten-feet. A variety of fire tables also provide warmth and a cozy environ­ment for sitting outside with friends and family on cool evenings.

Any of our tables can be shielded from the sun by a wide variety of umbrellas, freestanding or as part of a table-and-shade unit. We also provide shade options for sunny back yards ranging from simple awnings to sturdy permanent structures available in a variety of sizes up to 12’ x 16’, made of Douglas fir, and constructed so substantially that they might outlast the house. Customers wishing to enhance the green in their back yards can choose elegant pergolas that can be trained with woody vines to provide cool arbor-style shade.

The Brentwood Outdoor Living showroom offers a variety of backyard ornamentation to enhance the utility and appearance of back yards with artificial plants, small statues, ornamented ashtrays, pillows, a wide selec­tion of metal art, and other items too numerous to mention. We also offer rugged widescreen televisions that are weather­proofed and glare resistant for back yard movie nights and video fun.

We create unique outdoor kitchens custom­ized to the buyer’s wishes and budget including counters, grills, bars, and seating areas. I personally visit each potential customer, learn their needs and desires, and then work with them to develop a CAD drawing showing what the finished design will look like with various perspectives and walk-through levels of detail before they make any buying decision.

We accommodate trends in the industry. All-weather wicker is a currently popular upgrade to the more fragile rattan furniture that was popular in previous generations. We offer this in a number of selections for chairs and furniture, plus such things as a large stylish wicker deck box that will provide a nice accent to a back yard while providing a place for items not in use.

Upscale charcoal grills are another current fashion trend. Our Big Green Egg and Memphis Pellet grills are popular items. They are designed to burn real wood charcoal for discriminating diners who prefer the taste of chicken and steaks that have been cooked over a real fire fueled by wooden pellets.

We emphasize quality, not simply in the items we sell but in the levels of service we provide. We offer prompt delivery and set- up. Our products are high quality, long lasting, and trouble-free, which minimizes the expense required to support the satisfac­tion that we guarantee.

Retail sales is actually my fourth career. The story goes back three decades to when I was a self-employed businessman with a successful automotive repair shop in Moraga and was vice president of the local Chamber of Commerce. As a way of giving something back to the community, I thought I would take a look at joining the police reserve and unexpectedly discovered that I had a real gift for law enforcement. I ended up spending 30-40 hours a week doing volunteer work for the Moraga PD. Police work became the consuming passion of my life relegating my automotive business to the status of a hobby.

By 1987 I had developed my staff to the point that I could let my automotive repair business run on cruise control for four months while I attended the Police Academy in Pitts­burg. I became a full-time Moraga police officer in November 1987. I was finally getting paid to do what I had been glad to do simply for the love of serving the community in this fashion. I was eventually promoted to corporal and in 1995 joined the Brentwood PD. Six years later I became a lieutenant and then spent four years as lead department representa­tive overseeing our move into the current state-of-the-art Brentwood police station.

Following retirement, I opened an Oakland Harley-Davidson motorcycle sales and service shop. I never imagined that I would ever sell patio supplies until the owner of the building I’m in discovered there was a market niche for this business and contacted me to see if I would like to do this. He offered such strong support for the venture that I couldn’t say no.

I had no idea what I was getting into, but I’m a quick learner and made the pleasant discovery that this is a business I could succeed at. I’m having a good time offering products and services that are improving the quality of life for residents from all over East County. Come say hello. Check us out. People enjoy touring this place whether they end up buying something or not.

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