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We Are West Coast Solar

24 February 2017 Written by  By Don Huntington, With Brian Miller
Published in March 2017 Articles

Brian Miller, who has been sales manager at West Coast Solar for the past year, says that he applied for a job with the company for the same reason that many local residents are becoming West Coast customers — because of the wonderful reputation that West Coast Solar has built up through their high standards of product quality and customer care.

I was a Brentwood resident myself and looked forward to working with a local Best of Brentwood kind of company.

West Coast Solar is celebrating its tenth anniversary. It began shortly after emerging technology had made solar energy a practical solution to the rising energy costs. A lot has happened both in the industry and in the West Coast Solar business during the ten years since then. Each year Inc. Magazine publishes an Inc. 5,000 list, which honors the 5,000 fastest-growing small businesses in America. It is an honor to make that list, but West Coast Solar became one of the crème de la crème by becoming a member of the exclusive Inc. 500 list as one of the country’s 500 fastest growing companies.

West Coast Solar is riding a wave because solar power is a technology whose time has come. The industry has matured, and people are generally aware of the advantages of solar power. Not only do the West Coast products enable property owners to slash their energy bills — often in a dramatic fashion — but they also benefit the planet. Some customers value the “green” quality of solar energy more than the savings they receive. Sunlight is free, of course, so the “energy footprint” of solar power is exactly zero. It provides one of the few genuine methods of actually “getting something for nothing.” West Coast Solar’s energy program is one of the few choices in which doing something good for the wallet also contributes to preserving the environment.

West Coast Solar provides opportunities for any homeowner to move to solar with ownership plans that are available for zero down with flexible financing plans that can result in bottom-line savings from the moment the switch is turned on. A rule of thumb is that solar power can create positive cash flow for any homeowner who is paying $100 a month or more for energy. As an additional bonus, studies have demonstrated that solar energy ownership increases a home’s value.

West Coast Solar started a decade ago around a fire-pit when two friends, Jeffery Tamayo and Aaron Bryant, discussed the business opportunities available in the emerging solar power industry. They got the business started in a slow and stable fashion until 2010 when the technology and the market matured and they had people and infrastructure in place so they could push the business forward in a major way.

Jeffery and Aaron were both raised in Brentwood and their kids attend local schools, so from the beginning they had a core value of providing quality service to their friends and neighbors. They are also advocates of the Better in Brentwood philosophy, buying goods and services from local retailers themselves and trying to get the message to potential customers that the dollars they spend for West Coast energy are recycled into our community. For their own part, the 50+ West Coast employees are local residents who pay taxes for schools and municipal services, and reinvest back into the community through purchase of local services and products.

Even though West Coast Solar projects are spread throughout Northern California, Jeffery and Aaron’s real interest lies in serving their East County neighbors. It simply makes sense for people to do business with them because their warehouse and office facilities are located in Brentwood.

Jeffery and Aaron admit that the team of intelligent, experienced, and loyal employees working for them is an essential component of the company’s success. Some of them from their previous companies have been working with them for nearly 20 years.

Jeffery and Aaron are proponents of the Golden Rule, so a primary part of their business plan is maintaining customer service at levels that they would want as a customer themselves. They have been known to provide services beyond those covered by a warranty simply because they are concerned about pleasing customers. It is no coincidence that West Coast Solar has been Best of Brentwood for Solar every year that the category has existed. They have a 5-star Yelp rating.

Whether they are buying from West Coast Solar or from another company, the solar decision is the right one for homeowners and small businesses. However, whether buying solar, purchasing retail products, or a meal with the family in a restaurant, the buy local decision is the right choice.

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