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Bac Community Bank Acknowledged As The Best

24 February 2017 Written by  By Don Huntington
Published in March 2017 Articles

Even though BAC Community Bank has kept abreast of the latest advances in banking technology, for more than five decades it has offered financial services in a friendly neighborhood bank style that is unfortunately vanishing from much of society today.

Brian Siebold, Senior Relationship Manager for BAC’s Contra Costa offices, noted that for some of the bank’s newer customers, the level of service BAC provides “is a new experience in banking altogether. These individuals find themselves in the early years of a long-term community banking relationship and enjoy it very much.”

Bauer Financial, an independent financial institution rating organization, identified BAC Community Bank as “one of the strongest financial institutions in the nation” and commended it for maintaining a “stellar financial condition and track record.”

Last October The Institute for Extraordinary Banking presented BAC with the coveted Banky Award acknowledging it to be among the top one percent of the country’s most extraordinary banks. BAC was selected for the honor from 6,000 community banks across the country and was one of only two banks in the state of California to receive the award.

The Banky Award, which is a Good Housekeeping-like seal of approval, endorsed BAC Community Bank as a highly effective, community-focused bank and acknowledged its commitment to strong community banking. BAC was chosen on the basis of its amazing customer service, record of solid growth, and transformations that their customers have undergone as a result of their financial services.

BAC’s Chief Executive Officer Bill Trezza said, “It is gratifying to have an independent panel of professionals recognize BAC for our customer-centric culture, integration of technology into banking services, community focus, and financial stability.” The bank’s Chief Operating Officer Dana Bockstahler concurred, noting the award to be “…a testament to our relying so heavily on the principles that guide every decision we make.”

BAC’s winning of a Banky carries the same weight in the banking industry that winning an Oscar would for a movie. A discriminating person would naturally be drawn to doing business with a local financial institution who had earned a Banky for being the best bank in the community in the same way that a movie-goer would be drawn to see whatever movie won the Oscar for Best Picture.

BAC Community Bank’s policies and procedures are designed to support their client-centered focus. The bank was first organized in our town of Brentwood and opened for business over 50 years ago. Despite its expansive use of technology and successful growth into neighboring communities, BAC remains focused on providing high quality local community banking to the families and businesses it serves.

In addition to full service traditional banking, this family-owned bank provides such cutting edge banking services as remote deposit capture, positive pay, lockbox, mobile deposit and mobile bill pay, as well as person-to-person money transfers through text messaging or email.

Ken Graunstadt is owner of Delta Scrap & Salvage, Inc., one of Oakley’s oldest businesses. He started it in 1972 as a means of productizing the scrap he was recovering from his business of industrial demolition. Ken, a savvy businessman, refers to his scrap business as “investment recovery” and to his scrap as “assets” that he “repositions” in order to make a profit. “BAC keeps my money safe,” he said. Ken added that this local bank has been helping him manage the high volume of transactions his business generates for various vendors and has also been a valuable partner during times when he needed to borrow money.

In particular, Ken explained how the bank helps solve a serious problem he has encountered from time-to-time with fraudulent check-writing schemes. The bank offers Positive Pay as a commercial banking service to businesses that request it to help detect suspicious activity, plus identifying fraudulent checks and bogus ACH transfers.

Ken has been doing business with BAC Community Bank since the beginning, when the Brentwood branch was the only BAC facility in the area. Today, with the Oakley branch located across from Laurel Elementary School on Laurel Road near O’Hara Avenue, he doesn’t have to drive far.

Ken has taken advantage of the bank’s commitment to its original and fundamental goal of establishing long-term financial partnerships with small businesses. Ken said that he has always admired BAC’s courage in stepping up to help people like himself succeed with some dream or challenge that other banks wouldn’t consider. He acknowledges BAC’s focus on customer service. “They have great employees,” he said.

The affection and respect goes both directions. Brian Siebold said that he thoroughly enjoys working with customers like Ken. Brian added that he personally works with customers in Antioch, Brentwood, Concord, Discovery Bay, and Oakley. Although he looks forward to showing off BAC’s newest location at 2090 Diamond Boulevard in Concord, Brian is also available to meet with individuals at their place of business or at the closest BAC branch office.

In many areas of the country BAC’s neighborhood bank style is vanishing along with other face-to-face community relationships. Thankfully, this type of local hometown service remains alive and well at all branch offices of Brentwood’s original community bank. Even though Brentwood has grown far beyond its sleepy-town beginnings, BAC Community Bank continues to do business in a neighborly style that its customers have come to love and appreciate.

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