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Soul Sisters Of Spirit

30 December 2016 Written by 
Published in January 2017 Articles

I am a Scottish medium and have joined with two colleagues, Suzette Carlyle and Karen McCagh, to form the Soul Sisters of Spirit.

All three of us were mentored by a world renowned medium, named Mavis Pittilla, and are certified and accredited to speak in Spiritualist Churches.

Just as we are enveloped by music and voices that we cannot detect unless we make a connection through a radio, we are surrounded by the spirit world, which we cannot detect unless we can make a connection. That’s where we come in, because we are mediumistic; we make that connection.

We live in Scotland but are planning to tour California in February and to conduct events designed to establish healing and refreshing connections between people and their departed loved ones.


I’ve been aware of spirits since childhood. I became a professional medium in 2002 as the result of a powerful event in which I was visited by a magnificent angel who lifted me in his arms and communicated directly with my mind the knowledge that I was going to begin healing people with my words. As word of my visitation got out, people began to call me Angel Anne and The Angel of the North.

I began to do angel meditations with people during which I would receive profound healing messages. People’s lives began to change under my influence.

I have two children; both are sensitive but are too busy with this world to spend much time with the other. I talk to my two grandchil­dren about the spirit world so they won’t be afraid. Seven-year-old Jack has indicated awareness of spirits. Six-year-old Charlie’s twin brother Harry died when they were two days old. Charlie talks about Harry all the time. He sees him and he sees our dog Stella in the spirit world as well. He has discovered, as I have, that the spirit world is a place of love and healing.

Suzette Carlyle became aware of the spirit world when she was a child through conversations with her grandmother and by a number of direct experiences of her own. However, she spent her childhood amidst the relative isolation of the Channel Islands, which are in the English Channel near the French coast of Normandy and had no encounter with the teachings and practice of spiritualism until she moved to England. In England Suzette began attending gatherings and healing services in spiritu­alist churches with her grandmother. Her interests were aroused and she began reading books about the spirit world, starting with the writings of a medium named Doris Stokes, who had become a household name in Britain. She also followed the story of Lisa Williams who is an English lady that has brought the word of spirit to the USA.

Suzette began to discover her own gifts nearly a decade ago when she realized that she would sometimes become certain that something was about to occur and would then watch it come to fruition just as she had imagined. She began to sit in a development circle and enrolled in psychic and mediumistic courses at London’s Arthur Findlay College, which is “The Worlds Foremost College for the Advance­ment of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences” and the place where people come from all over the world to learn development. Suzette also sought the teachings of Tony Stockwell and Paul Jacobs on her journey of development.

Suzette became a member of the Spiritu­alist National Union in the UK and is a successful professional. She conducts events and readings, sponsors workshops and retreats, and provides motivational coaching and counseling. She is married with four grown children and two “wonderful” preschool grandchildren.

Karen McCagh is from Dundee. Like Suzette and me, she was born with the gift. “I’ve been aware of spirits since I was small,” Karen said. Her first contact was at her grandmother’s house where she would see spirits at her bedroom. Karen never thought to mention them to anybody. “I imagined everyone saw them,” she said. Karen’s grandmother was aware of the spirit world and noticed the increase of activity when her granddaughter was present. She told Karen, “You bring spirit with you” and gave Karen the reassuring message, “People in the spirit world will never harm you.”

As she grew older, Karen enjoyed watching mediums like John Edwards work. She loved the positive feelings he was bringing to people. Karen never imagined that she could do that herself until she came into touch with professionals who recognized her gift and encouraged her to develop it. She began in a home circle and came to understand that this was what she was supposed to do. She said that she had a sudden realization, “This is me at home.”

Karen began seeking out the world’s leading teaching mediums including Tony Stockwell, James Vanpraegh, and Paul Jacobs who were teachers at Arthur Findlay College where Suzette had studied. Karen earned professional qualifications and honors including the prestigious Gordon- Higginson award for young mediums, which was conferred by the Spiritualists’ National Union. Karen became a professional and gives demonstrations, teaches, and conducts private sittings throughout the UK.

Karen and Suzette had been friends for three years when Karen’s mom appeared to Suzette five days following her death with the message, “You need to help Karen get to America. My daughter needs to be seen far and wide.” She gave Karen enough evidence to convince Karen that it was indeed her mom. She had come to Suzette because she knew that Suzette had family in LA and it would be easy for her to begin to make arrangements for the visit that has now developed into our tour.

I met Karen a few months later; we both felt a strong connection. Karen asked me about angels; I told her about my encounter with an angel. I also described an experience I had in 2005 when an operation became infected. I was allergic to morphine and experienced pain that was so unbearable that I prayed the angel would give me healing or else take me to the spirit world. The room suddenly filled with bright light and with a beautiful odor together with music that was literally from out of this world and my pain subsided.

As I described the incident, I suddenly became aware that Karen’s mom was present with us. Karen told me that her mother had the same experience in a hospital and prayed the same prayer I did. In her case, she passed to the spirit world, but her experience was otherwise amazingly similar to my own. Karen felt that her mom was bringing us together.

The spirit world can synchronize events and cause things to happen. The tour would never have happened without the knowledge that Karen’s mom had of the impact that we could have on people and the fact that she was able to communicate her knowledge to us from beyond the grave.

Another confirming event occurred when a woman, Caroline Robertson, learned about me on YouTube and asked for a private meeting. While meeting with her, Caroline’s recently departed husband came through. Caroline was convinced that the appearance was genuine because he not only said things through me that no one would know, but he spoke of details that Caroline herself didn’t know, and only verified later as being genuine. At one point he told me, “Ask Caroline.”

“Ask her what?” I answered.

“About her business in California,” he said. “She can help you.” It turned out that Caroline was sales manager for two lifestyle magazines in the Bay Area. Caroline’s departed husband provided the impetus for the article you are reading.


Karen, Suzette, and I complement each other. We provide a unique combination of skills that reaches a diverse population of people in the spirit world. A powerful law of attraction is at work through us. My style is to go directly to an audience member and then make a connection with a spirit that is present. I also have a well-deserved reputation for a no-nonsense and straight to the point approach. Karen will connect a voice she hears with a member of the audience and then provides facts as they come to her. Suzette will assemble the facts and then narrow them down to a focus.

We’ve come to realize that there is nothing negative about making contact with spirits except for the initial unease we naturally feel when we first encounter any great mystery. The problem is exacerbated by ignorant dogmas and popular media that fill the spirit world with such mythical creatures as demons, devils, banshees, and fiends. The mind is powerful; we create our own realities and people in the spirit world create love and positive energies. I have spent hours dealing with spirits working from a place of love and have never seen any trace of darkness or evil, nor have I had one encounter with anything that was wicked or malevolent in the slightest.

The spirit world wants us to be happy and to cheer us up, so much of our work results in laughter, which heals the soul. Tears are an unavoidable part of bringing people together with departed loved ones, but our mission and our method is to heal wounds and never to reopen them. The tears are poignant and healthy responses to loss as people remember the good times. They inevitably leave our meetings feeling refreshed and healed by the undeniable witness we have just made to the fact that love, like life itself, can never die.

The Soul Sisters of Spirit American tour will provide us with an exciting opportu­nity to work with the spirit world. The tour will be an important part of our mission to demonstrate and to take the truth of spirit and evidence of life eternal to as many people as we can. The three of us will spread the word for spirit and will use our gifts to provide whatever encouragement, consolation, and spiritual uplift that people are seeking for.

That passion is what brings us together. That is the message that we Soul Sisters of Spirit are bringing to the world.

Check out our itinerary. Perhaps some day soon we can share the healing message with you. The unseen world is all around us and your loved ones are only a thought away.

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