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Improving Beauty

01 June 2016 Written by  By Julie Sandy
Published in June 2016 Articles

For the past six years, I’ve been the owner and manager of Antioch’s European Wax Center.

The business is a great fit for me because I love being my own boss, and I take real pleasure from serving our guests.
On May 1, European Wax Center made a giant leap forward by rolling out a product line called Strut 365, which includes products designed to maintain gorgeous skin in between waxes. May’s Cosmopolitan Magazine had a major article describing Strut 365’s products and quality.

Our business previously retailed a single product line which centered on waxing, so Strut 365 is huge for us, with fragrances and packaging that appeal to the senses. We’re excited about the ways that the new products enable us to enhance our guests’  beauty in so many ways. For example, the “brow perfecting” tools in Strut 365’s Brow Collection are available in a spectrum of shades, designed to emphasize the power of brows to frame a face through shape and color, while enhancing makeup and providing a more natural appearance. Strut 365’s products allow our guests to maintain the beautiful appearance of their skin at home.

My business is a family affair; my father is my business partner. I originally learned about the European Wax Center franchise opportunity from my cousin, James. He and his wife, Shawnee got in on the ground floor of the European Wax phenomenon. They became regional developers and have opened wax centers throughout the Bay Area. Even while they were doing their initial research, I  thought the opportunity seemed wonderful, so when the time was right, I became an owner myself. We opened for business in June 2010 and since the Grand Opening event, we have been busy.

European Wax turned out to be a great franchise because of the high standard of customer service that the company promotes. We commit ourselves to achieving quality guest relationships. We emphasize service and dedicate ourselves to providing the ultimate wax experience. Our guests come to us expecting the best and we do not disappoint them.

European Wax services center around a waxing process that involves cleansing, protecting, and exfoliating the skin using a unique wax, made of 100 percent natural beeswax that is available only in European Wax franchises. The procedure concludes by rehydration of the skin, leaving our guests with amazing and luxuriously smooth results that are beyond anything they could have achieved with razors or even with expensive electrolysis treatments.

The best part of the business, from my point of view, is my interaction with our guests. We extend the “family business” concept to our regular customers and come to regard them as family members. We get to know each of them on a personal basis. I will often sit at the front desk in order to get to know our customers personally.

Another gratifying part of the business for me is the number of amazing specialists that I have been able to attract. Not just expert wax specialists, but a team of guest service associates, as well — all of us working  together to make guests feel glad to be with us from the moment they walk through the door. It is a pleasure to manage this team! We are family. Each of my staff is a charming human being with a winning personality. We have built a great rapport! Many of our staff have been together for years. Turnover is no problem. After all, where could they find something better than what we’ve got going on together? Our guests can’t help but be positively influenced by the feeling of commitment and affection we all have for one another.

A growing number of men are beginning to use our services to eliminate unwanted hair. The problem increases with age as they begin to sprout spurious hair growth out of ears and nostrils. Eyebrows grow shaggy and unsightly. We take care of all those issues.  

I love my business! There is no downside to my European Wax Center. There are no losers; everybody is happy. We enjoy delighting our guests!

Since last month’s rollout of Strut 365, the business has gotten even better. The company told us in their information about the product line that our guests would begin to “walk in, strut out.” They were right! That’s just what many of them are now doing!

Stop by for a complimentary wax and to see our Strut 365 collection of products. As Cosmo reported, “There is something for everyone, every day, in every collection.”

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