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Local Sports Hero

29 April 2016 Written by  By Michelle Lessle
Published in May 2016 Articles

Football has always been in Kobie Beltram’s blood; he just didn’t realize it until he was seven years old. 

Kobie’s dad was the originator and passed it down to Kobie’s three older brothers. Then after seeing how much fun his brothers were having, Kobie wanted to join in. Now as a senior at Antioch High School, Kobie continues to carry on the family tradition. “I tried out for the football team as a freshman,” Kobie said. “My freshman year was my third older brother’s senior year, so I was always out playing with the guys. That gave me a better understanding of how to make the team and how everything operated.” Because of Kobie’s extra exposure, courtesy of his big brother, he was able to make it onto the JV team rather than the freshman team. He was even labeled a captain and then promoted to varsity at the end of the season where he was a starter for two games. The varsity team is where Kobie has called home for the remainder of his high school career.

Other than a brief stint in the offensive guard position his sophomore year (the team was lacking someone to fill the spot), Kobie has always been either linebacker or tight end. As a linebacker Kobie is like the quarterback of the defense. He makes the calls, lines everybody up, and makes sure they are all where they’re supposed to be. Then he is able to bring plays to life. As a tight end Kobie is expected to block and pass; however, he much prefers being a linebacker. “I prefer it because I’m naturally better at it, and it’s also what all of my brothers played,” Kobie said. Defensively the athlete enjoys hitting people and knowing that no matter how hard they try, they can’t run through him. In his favorite position Kobie loves being able to show off his athletic abilities and make all of the plays on the field. “Overall, in football I obviously love when my team ultimately wins.”

Football season starts with practices in May and goes throughout the entire summer. Then the season’s games start in September, shortly after the school year begins, and continue through December. The long term commitment to play paid off for Antioch High School’s varsity boys this year. “This year our team went undefeated in league for the first time since 1970 or so,” Kobie said. “As a team we broke multiple records in scoring and on offense.” The team went 11-1, playing two games in the playoffs and almost making it to the NCS championships. “We lost to Foothill by one point in the semi-finals, but we achieved our goal of winning league. We had a lot of doubters, but this year was by far the best we did in the four years I played.”

As an individual player, Kobie’s list of accomplishments from his four years in the sport is nothing short of amazing. He holds the title of all-time career tackling leader for the high school, as well as the single season tackler leader. He is a three time all-league linebacker, two time honorable mention tight end, sophomore and junior year team defender MVP, and senior year team MVP. He also made the all-metro team through the San Francisco Chronicle and the all-state team. Even though it seems like he has no time to rest from football, Kobie is able to consistently maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA, as well as help train younger student athletes at a local gym and help incoming players in the school’s weight room.

Kobie’s shining accomplishments on and off the field naturally garnered attention from universities. Both Humboldt State University and Southern Oregon University offered for him to play for them, but Kobie decided to decline both offers to go to San Francisco City College instead. “I decided to attend San Francisco City College for a year in hopes of receiving a football scholarship to a Division I university,” Kobie said. “I don’t have any particular four year in mind. I would be grateful to attend any university that would offer me to play for them.” Just like many high school athletes who thrive in their sport, Kobie would undoubtedly love to play professionally in the NFL. However, that is not his main goal. “That would be great, but I’m most importantly going to college for a degree.”

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