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Be Sexy, Lean, And Strong At Any Age

01 April 2016 Written by  By Don Huntington
Published in April 2016 Articles

Deb Dutcher’s motto, “Be Sexy, Lean and Strong at Any Age!” summarizes her mission of helping people renew their energy for living, movement, and appearance no matter how old they are or how badly out-of-shape.

Deb recently published her program in a bestselling book, Sexy, Lean, and Strong After 50! “How I Went from Fat, Depressed and Divorced to the Best Shape of My Life and How YOU Can Too!”

Deb’s book introduces readers to her Mad-Body Mountain wellness program, which she developed over the course of 14 years working as a Certified Integrative Health Coach with corporate accounts and private clients.

Deb designed her wellness program to effectively reach a particular demographic that includes high-powered individuals who have focused their energies on family and careers while ignoring the needs and demands of their own well-being. Their weight is increasing while almost every other part is in decline, and they no longer possess the youthful metabolism and hormones that formerly enabled them to make positive changes with relative ease. As a result of attempting numerous crash-diets and extended workouts that produce little or no lasting effect, many of them become discouraged and imagine that they have reached their present condition of too old, too fat, or too ill as a permanent state.

Deb’s Mad-Body Mountain wellness program provides a brilliant remedy to the problem of people simply giving up and resigning themselves to their diminished condition with a set of principles and practices leading to optimal health for both men and women who are over 50 years old. She admits that people in their 50s, 60s, or older will never look like they are too young to drink, but she can help them move towards optimal levels of energy and strength. “You don’t have to look young to look good,” Deb said with a twinkle in her eye.

Deb describes how common challenges such as depression, divorce, and aging can alter the individual’s emotional state as well as body chemistry leading to a condition that she refers to as a “Mad-Body Syndrome.” She created a program of healing response to the condition, drawing insights gleaned from her experience with hundreds of clients over 14 years of professional practice as well as from lessons learned while on her own personal journey of recovery. She said she enjoys watching the transformations her clients undergo as they follow her program for healthy eating and exercise.

Deb said that, since every client is unique and therefore resistant to any one-size-fits-all solution, she customizes her Sexy, Lean, and Strong wellness program to the specific issues that are keeping each client on their particular Mad-Body Mountain and modifies the program to get them down by the most efficient route. One satisfied client was a realtor who climbed her Mad-Body Mountain following her husband’s sudden death and subsequently neglected her health for years. She said, “Deb understood how to tailor her program to fit my particular lifestyle, habits. and desires.” Following Deb’s program, the client lost 56 pounds in eight months, and since then has kept it off!

Deb’s Sexy, Lean, and Strong wellness program provides holistic remedies because the Mad-Body Mountain aging condition affects people’s well-being on mental, physical, and social levels. Other programs attempt to improve people’s condition by mistakenly focusing on one part to the exclusion of the others — for example, simply attempting to improve the health of the body or trying to move the person’s mental condition into a healthier place.

Such attempts are fundamentally flawed because wellness is a 3-legged stool. The health of the whole depends upon each part — mind, body, and spirit — being in place.

Deb’s Sexy, Lean, and Strong wellness program focuses on the whole person. She assists clients in identifying their place on the Mad-Body Mountain and provides effective remedies for helping them make their way to renewed energy and appearance so they can remain “sexy, lean and strong, at any age.”

Deb has personally experienced the deliverance that she shares with others because, when she was 51, following more than two decades as an executive in a Silicon Valley-type high-tech company, she found herself overworked, stressed, depressed, out-of-shape, and at the end of a 30-year marriage. Following her divorce, Deb’s life continued its downward course when her 19-year old adopted son died from a meth overdose. At that point, Deb said, her life reached bottom. She was contemplating suicide but instead, through nutrition, exercise, and self-care, she began to make her way back to health. She enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, became a Certified Integrative Health Coach, and dedicated herself to using her new occupation as a professional Health Coach and Corporate Wellness Consultant to assist others in realizing the renewed energy, improved appearance, and increased strength that she had found herself.

In honor of the memory of her deceased son, Deb created the Abe’s Heart of Gold (www.abesheartofgold.org) foundation to reach youth-at-risk. She finances the foundation by profits from the sale of her book. The foundation works to present alternatives such as exercise, nutrition, and support groups as alternatives to drugs and alcohol for confronting depression and anger. Deb spreads the foundation’s message by speaking at schools or community events.

Deb is a featured writer on aging topics for the Wealthy Woman e-magazine. From her Brentwood office, she provides Corporate Wellness Consulting as well as workshops and private health coaching in her role as founder of her Energy Unlimited Coach business.

Deb is a walking and talking testimony to the bright promise of her Sexy, Lean, and Strong wellness. She used her program to recover from several serious car accidents involving severe neck and back trauma. While I was interviewing her for the article, I noticed that Deb appeared to glow with health. At 63, she is alert, cheerful, and desirable.

So get her book from Amazon or, since her office is local, contact her for a no-cost consultation and see how your own life can undergo the renewal that has made such a difference for her and for so many of her sexy, lean, and strong clients.

Let Deb Dutcher help you get off your Mad-Body Mountain!

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