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How To Recognize The Symptoms Of Holiday Depression

01 December 2015 Written by  By Mukulika Mehta, M.D.
Published in December 2015 Articles

Are you feeling stressed this holiday season or experiencing real clinical depression?

If you or someone you know has questions about holiday depression, contact your primary care doctor.
You can also take these steps to care for yourself during the holidays.

Eat a balanced and healthy diet
Choose to eat healthful foods most of the time, especially for breakfast and lunch. This provides the energy your body needs to keep up with a busier holiday schedule. Use moderation in your intake of food and alcohol.

Exercise enough
Not only a great way to keep the holiday bulge at bay, exercise also increases feelings of contentment and happiness.

Ge t plenty of sleep
Our bodies need more rest during stressful times. Keeping a reasonable bedtime gives you more energy and makes things more enjoyable.

De legate tasks
Do you feel you have to do it all during the holidays? It’s an unrealistic expectation. Ask for help when you need it.

Se t priorities
You don’t have to attend every party, cook a six-course meal for 35 or spend lavishly on gifts. What is truly important to you and your family? Choose those things and decline the rest.

Create boundaries
Relatives cause the largest amount of stress during the holidays. For your health, try to minimize interaction with those who make you most anxious.

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