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Local Sports Hero: Victor Saude

31 October 2015 Written by  By Michelle Lassle
Published in November 2015 Articles

Victor Saude has never been one to sit back and spend his time relaxing.

The always-on-the-go senior has been keeping himself occupied since he was four years old when he joined his first baseball team. “It was one of those things where your parents sign you up and tell you to do it,” Victor said. “I just kept doing it and ended up falling in love with the sport.” Shortly after beginning his baseball career, Victor signed up for soccer, and he has been juggling multiple sports and activities ever since.

Victor’s participation in soccer came to a close when he ended 8th grade and switched to football. “I wasn’t as good at soccer as I was at baseball or football." Entering his freshman year at Freedom High School, Victor made it onto the freshman teams for baseball and football. However, his football career could never quite get off the ground. After successfully earning a spot on the team, Victor never made it past the Jamboree scrimmage. “I was going in for a tackle and got pushed head first into it, snapping my neck back,” Victor said. “I broke my neck at my c6 vertebrae.” The injury didn’t stop him though, and Victor was right back out there for tryouts his sophomore year, making it onto the JV team this time. During the same preseason scrimmage Victor incurred the same injury, this time snapping his c8 vertebrae. “I broke my neck twice and never got to play in a real game,” Victor said. “After that the doctor said I couldn’t play contact sports anymore. It just was not meant to be." Victor had to wear a neck brace for a month, but he thankfully did not have to have surgery.

Victor’s injury did not keep him from continuing his first love. After making the freshman baseball team his first year, Victor progressed on to the JV and then varsity teams. For his baseball team Victor plays in the outfield and pitcher positions. “Both positions are the same arm motion, just different distances,” Victor said. “I love pitching the most. It’s more pressure, and I like being in the action and in the main focus.” During the Freedom off season Victor continues to improve his abilities on a travel ball team which focuses on playing in tournaments. “The past couple of tournaments I was able to play in we won.” The boys typically don’t travel any further than two and a half hours away for games. However, there was one major exception. “We did go to Omaha one year when we were 13,” Victor said. “It was a much bigger tournament with teams from all over the United States. It was really cool.”

Now in his senior year Victor decided to completely change things up. Instead of playing baseball, Victor is currently running on the JV cross country team and plans to try out for the tennis and track teams later in the year. “I’m trying them for the first time as a senior just to experience new things,” Victor said. “It’s my last year; I might as well try it all.” Victor joined cross country for the extra cardio, which he gets plenty of while running the expected two miles. When it comes to track, however, Victor wants to throw the discus. “No more running after cross country.” For tennis Victor wants to make it on to a doubles team. All of this last minute change was inspired by Victor’s older brother. “He was a baseball player and then started tennis his last year of high school. I just thought it would be fun to do what he did," Victor said.

On top of his ever changing sports schedule, Victor is still able to do well in his classes, surviving AP English and Chemistry his junior year. Another commitment that keeps Victor busy is leadership. “Balancing leadership as well is pretty tough.” After filling the position of freshman class president, Victor switched over to being part of the Zone, a student section behind the end zone. It was Victor’s job to help fill the Zone with students during the games to cheer on the football team. This year Victor became part of Bootcamp, a big competition day for incoming freshmen where leadership students familiarize the new students with the campus, show them how to meet new people and do well in school, and have them play games. “It’s a whole two day process where they don’t have to go to class,” Victor said. “We also put on mini Bootcamps for any new student that comes to the school. Then at the end of the year we have a Back to Bootcamp, so the freshmen that started come again for one last day of fun.”

When thinking about his future Victor hopes to attend California State University, Long Beach to major in criminal justice. “I want to get my degree, join the Army, and eventually join the FBI,” Victor said. “I can’t be behind a desk. I have to be doing something active.” As for playing any sports for the university, Victor doesn’t plan on it. “I’m sure I’ll end up playing for a club team or something. You never know what will happen.”

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