This summer I am offering a three-hour study skills workshop, called the Student Success Boot Camp that is designed to give college-bound students a set of skills that will enable them to achieve academic excellence to the limit of their ability.

Physical fitness was always an important part of mylife.

Mexico’s newest vacation get-away, called Mahekal Beach Resort, recently opened in Playa del Carmen following an extensive ten million dollar reimagination.

I was born August 3, 1926 in Stockton.

Local Sports Hero

04 March 2015

For someone who insisted that he would never play volleyball

In 2004, my husband, Steve and I, adopted a seven-month-old child from Kazakhstan.

Local Sports Hero

01 February 2015

Marcus Malu grew up as the kid who was naturally good at every sport he played.

Local Sports Hero

02 January 2015

As part of a military family, Kaitlynn Zdroik knows what it means to frequently be on the move.

Close your eyes, clear your mind, and think back to your childhood. Now picture this, it is a hot, sunny summer day.

I am the current manager of the Brentwood Library. 

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