“Now There Is Peace on Earth…   And it Has Begun With Me”

Leading People Through Property Transactions

We’re Bringing Genuine “Green Acres” Skills to Future Farmers

I was born May 5, 2002.

Amazing Kids

29 March 2018

Brianna Pfeiffer is not your average high school junior.

Gregory Eissner.

I am the senior pastor of Byron’s Freedom House, which is the only Christian congregation I know of, and perhaps the only one in the country, that meets in a winery. 

Serving Everyone

01 March 2018

Since March 2017, I have been an associate pastor at Brentwood’s Neighborhood Church, which has the tagline Bringing True Life to the Community.

Women of all ages come to our Brentwood VIZ Cleaners for purposes other than getting their clothes cleaned.

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