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Cal Pro Solar and Roofing has been serving East County residents since early spring and has already gathered a growing number of satisfied customers. At the beginning, customers were drawn to the business because of referrals by people who have come to know and respect the two owners — George Sanchez, who manages the solar side of the business, and Hadley Hoff who manages the roofing side. Both men are lifelong Brentwood residents and Liberty High School alumni. Even though the company is new, both partners have extensive experience. George has been working in the roofing industry since 1988 and in solar for the past 12 years; Hadley has been a Brentwood roofing contractor since 1998.

“Our Golden Rule-level standard is to care for our customers’ properties in the same way we would care for our own.”

The two men are building their business on more than their experience and sterling personal reputations; they are focusing on the three requirements that ensure success — offering exceptional quality, at fair prices, and with remarkable customer service. Cal Pro Solar specialists are able to handle installation, repair, and maintenance for both residential and commercial properties. They are familiar with roofing materials including asphalt and wood shingle, shake, elastomeric membrane, liquid applied coating, tile, standing seam, and all others.

Cal Pro Solar is a cut above other solar companies because our roofing and solar businesses complement each other. Understanding the principles of roof construction as well as solar installation ensures that any drilling or cutting during installation will never compromise the integrity of a roof, thus completely avoiding the nightmarish reports of solar installations causing serious damage or leakage. 

Cal Pro Solar installations avoid the problem often encountered by solar power-only providers who are forced to outsource any required repairs prior to beginning the installation. Our customers also appreciate the fact that our specialists are able to accurately assess and make any changes in the condition of a rooftop to ensure that it can bear the weight and strain of the proposed solar installation. 

Homeowners can also be reassured by the fact that our specialists can determine the durability of a particular roof, since it will become a real nightmare if solar panels installed today will have to be pulled down in five years because the roof needs replacing.

Our solar equipment is state-of-the art. Panels and inverters have improved efficiency. The company is prepared to adopt future innovations as they appear. We will be prepared to upgrade customers to such things as “smart roof” technology with sensors and communication systems that immediately alert them when leaks or damages are detected. The cost of battery backup systems for solar is continually falling and before long our customers will be able to purchase these at affordable prices.

Our high levels of Customer Satisfaction do not mean that we will be perfect, but that we will do everything possible to make customers happy during the installation process and after we are finished. Our Golden Rule-level standard is to care for our customers’ properties in the same way we would care for our own. 

I’m the Cal Pro sales manager, bringing to the job more than a decade worth of industry sales experience. I have been working with George on other projects for several years. Doing business with him is always a pleasure because George is fair, never applying high pressure sales techniques, and treating everyone equally. George isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty; I’ve seen him in the field and on rooftops assisting with installs. Unlike many of his peers in the industry, George recognizes when a job is done right, because he knows how to do it right himself. 

I was attracted to Cal Pro Solar by the vision the two men share and by the wonderful business they intend to create. I especially appreciate their concern for employees as well as their customers. They are fair in their dealings with the people who work for them; they want their workers and members of their staff to be happy and to earn a nice income for their families. 

It has been great for me to be able to get into this business on the ground floor and to assemble a new sales team. It has been challenging and a little scary to build something from nothing. However, I am confident that both Hadley and George have “the right stuff” to make Cal Pro Solar and Roofing a success. 

It’s a good time to purchase solar; this is the final year of the government’s 30 percent tax credit for all solar installations that are in place by December 31. Our time from purchase to finish is a month or less, so let us know before the end of November if you want to take advantage of that discount. 

Photos by Ron Essex

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