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30 November 2018 Written by  By Chris Scott
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Nearing Completion! 

“As home-based businesses grow, there is a growing need for them to find suitable office space outside of the home.” 

The City of Oakley is close to completion and accepting applications for the Oakley Entrepreneur Center, which is located in the second floor of 3330 Main Street, across from the Civic Center Plaza. Tenants are expected to move in during the month of January.

Oakley has a high percentage of home-based entrepreneurs, so the center will be an important resource for the city’s growing number of small businesses. “The City understands the importance of its small business community, since the growth of Oakley’s small businesses is vital to future local jobs, goods, and services,” said Dwayne Dalman, Oakley’s Economic Development Manager.

As home-based businesses grow, there is a growing need for them to find suitable office space outside of the home. The Entrepreneur Center will accommodate 15 – 20 of these small businesses, providing fully furnished workspaces including individual offices, large and small conference rooms, and a co-working space, which will include two co-working desks for four people, a stand-up desk to accommodate two people, couches, and lounge chairs. The large conference room will accommodate ten people. Four people will be able to gather in the small conference room.

Rental rates for the Entrepreneur Center will be low enough to enable an easy transition from home. Monthly rent for the offices will be $350 per month and $250 per month for the co-working space. Rent payments include all utilities plus access to a wireless network and a common printer. Tenants will be expected to provide their own laptops and cellular phones.


The co-working space industry has expanded in recent years as a viable option, but some are not familiar with what it entails or the potential advantages it offers. A co-working space is a place where you can go as often as your schedule allows, sit down at a desk, couch or lounge chair, and work in the company of other entrepreneurs. Some advantages include:

Creating Structure — The Entrepreneur Center environment gives you a place to go removed from the distractions of your household.

Providing a Social Network — The Entrepreneur Center co-working space provides interaction with people who have chosen an independent lifestyle that matches yours, creating energies and attitudes that are contagious, even when everyone is busy on their own projects.

Facilitating Networking with Co-workers — The Entrepreneur Center environment permits collaboration with other tenants. It connects you with people with ideas, products, customers, and processes that might help push your income and profits forward.

Offering Flexibility — The Entrepreneur Center sets you free from the distractions of maintaining your own workspace. It provides the functionalities of a well-equipped office without requiring you to commit to a long-term lease, purchase office furniture, and pay utility bills.

In addition, tenants in the Entrepreneur Center will benefit from small business programs offered by Oakley’s Economic Development program, including business plan training programs, business workshops, coaching, and organized networking activities.

The city is now accepting applications from prospective tenants. Visit the Economic Development page of the City of Oakley’s website to learn more about the Entrepreneur Center and to access application forms and other documents. If you are interested, tours of the space will begin early December.

“We are excited about the Center’s opening this winter and look forward to better serving Oakley’s small business and entrepreneur community,” said Dalman. Contact him for details or questions: (925) 625-7006 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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