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08 January 2014 Written by  Michelle Lassle
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Starting at the age of four, Kelsey Randall has always been involved in sports. 

Whether it was track, swimming, tennis, basketball, or something in between, Kelsey was constantly busy building her athleticism. After sampling various activities, Kelsey found her favorites. “Softball and soccer seemed to be the ones I enjoyed the most and that I excelled in,” Kelsey said. So she stuck with the two she fell in love with and worked to improve her talents as she grew older.

Now as a senior at Concord High School, Kelsey is carrying on what she started as a child by playing on her school’s soccer and softball teams. Freshman year tryouts immediately landed Kelsey on the varsity team for both sports. She plays shortstop for her softball team and midfield for soccer. However, her skill level lends her flexibility on the field, having the option of also playing third base, second base, and outfield for softball, as well as forward and defense for soccer. Such athletic abilities have greatly rewarded Kelsey during her high school career. As a freshman she received honorable mention for softball, as well as offensive and team MVP, and 2nd Team All-League for soccer. Her sophomore season brought her 1st Team All-League for right field in softball and 1st Team All-League for soccer. Kelsey’s junior year awarded her 1st Team All-League, offensive MVP, 1st Team All East Bay, and 2nd Team All-State for third base in softball, along with a .530 batting average. That soccer season again brought her the honor of 1st Team All-League. Throughout the last three years Kelsey has received five scholar athlete awards and was the captain of her soccer team.

Despite such an astounding list of accomplishments, Kelsey remains grounded and focused. “I love that both of these sports require a complete team effort,” Kelsey said. “Not everything is about one single person. You are just one part of a huge unit. You have to learn to trust others and gain their trust as well, or you will never be successful.” Her desire to work as a team has helped Kelsey lead her Concord High teams to victory. Last year’s softball season brought the girls to NCS for the second year in a row, making it their third year out of the last four. As they made it to the championship game, Concord was faced with their leading opposition, Clayton Valley Charter School. “I couldn’t have asked for a better ending,” Kelsey said. “Clayton Valley is always our biggest competition inalmost every sport.” During the regular season the two schools had split the series, so NCS was the ultimate tie breaker. “What made it even better was that everyone doubted our teams, and we proved them all wrong and impressed everyone, including ourselves.”

When Kelsey isn’t helping her high school teams succeed, she is playing travel softball for the Concord Ladyhawks and club soccer for DFC96. Last summer brought Kelsey and the Ladyhawks to Colorado where they placed third out of 140 teams in their bracket. As for DFC, Kelsey and her team won first place in their league with an overall record of 25-17-8. As if school and league sports don’t keep Kelsey busy enough, she also manages to maintain a 3.6 GPA while taking such challenging classes as pre-calculus. “My current English class seems to be one of my most difficult,” Kelsey said. “I’ve always struggled with writing, so this class should help to better that aspect of myself.” When she isn’t practicing, playing, or studying, Kelsey tries to find time to devote to the arts, like drawing and making crafts.

Knowing that her senior year will be over before she realizes it, Kelsey is busy researching colleges. She is currently looking at schools out of state, like her number one choice Southern Oregon University. Her major is still undecided, but Kelsey knows she wants to focus on something like physical therapy or personal training. “I plan to do something with sports,” Kelsey said. “I just know that if I can’t play sports, I still want to be around them.” Kelsey plans to play either softball or soccer for her college team and proudly represent her school. “From there I’m not sure. I just know that I want to continue playing a sport. I’m not ready to stop.”

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