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My Pilgrimage from Crime and Despair to Entrepreneurship and Hope

Enjoying the Culinary Benefits of the Area’s Rich Agricultural Industry

Nor-Cal Coffee

31 July 2018

Taking Coffee Enjoyment for East County Residents to the Next Level

Horchata hibiscus colada.

Napa Wine Tasting

01 February 2018

The Napa Valley also known by the locals as Wine Country is located in Northern California, about 50 miles northeast of San Francisco and is 30 miles long and 5 miles across at its widest point. 

Manny's Monthly Mix

01 February 2018

Valentine Margarita

My wife and I are owners of Petersen Vineyards in Knightsen, which is a family owned estate winery with an annual yield of about 2,000 cases of wine and we could go as high as 4,000.


29 November 2017

We’re always grateful when a fine new restaurant opens for business in our section of the county because each one reduces the need to travel to places like Napa, Walnut Creek, or San Francisco for upscale dining experiences.

Two years ago my husband Ric and I opened our Campos Family Vineyards, which is a vineyard and event destination located on 44 acres in rural Byron.

Jac Continente

29 September 2017

Our loyal customers are nuts about our nuts, plus all the products we sell.

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