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Local Sports Hero

12 September 2013 Written by  Michel Lelassle

Having just started his high school career in August, Chris Moser is still shocked and honored to have left his middle school on such a high note.

Chris was named male Athlete of the Year at NorthCreek Academy at the close of his 8th grade year. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting it,” Chris said. “I thought another guy was going to win the Athlete of the Year, but I think the determining factor was the GPA I was able to maintain. I always had A’s and B’s.”

Growing up, Chris always dedicated a significant chunk of his time to being on the field or court. Thanks to the influence of an athletic family, Chris felt like playing sports was a natural progression. “When I was younger, I always had soccer as a main sport that my family wanted me to play,” Chris said. “My dad’s always been into football, so we played that a lot growing up also. As for basketball, it was just something I wanted to try.” Beginning around the age of seven, Chris’ soccer career has been one that brings pure joy, and his speed put him in the forward slot. “I’ve always enjoyed running, so I obviously find soccer to be fun,” Chris said. His interest in football sparked from playing catch with his father as a child. “I started playing on a team when I was in 5th grade,” Chris said. “Football is a unique sport, and I like that you get to be really close to your teammates because you have to rely on each other a lot.” Even though he first tried being the quarterback, playing in the running back position was more of a natural fit for Chris because of his speed and love for running. Right around the same time that his football career took off, Chris decided to add basketball to his routine and play as a wing.

After having recreational experience in his repertoire, Chris took on the challenge of school sports. He played flag football, soccer, and basketball at NorthCreek Academy and helped set new records for his school. “Chris’ speed and agility proved to be his aid in winning the coach’s votes for Athlete of the Year,” said Athletic Director Courtney Wade. “His quickness gave his flag football team multiple touchdowns in their undefeated season, and he was also dominant as a forward wing on the soccer field, helping his team come away with a 5th place finish. He helped NorthCreek Academy achieve their greatest athletic year in program history.” Chris is proud to have helped lead his football team to their first ever domination in the championships and to take his soccer team to the finals where they placed in the top five. As for basketball, Chris said it was more of a building season.

Before the current school year even began, Chris was participating in the summer football workouts for his high school. In addition to competing on the football team, he plans to try out for track and probably soccer, keeping his passion for running alive. “I might also try running for student government.” Now that his freshman year at Berean Christian High School is in full swing, Chris is excited to be surrounded by all new people. “I’m most excited to meet different people,” Chris said. “I’ve been at the same school since kindergarten, so it’s quite a big change.”

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