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The Coming Revolution In Genetic-Based Wellness

01 June 2015 Written by  By Nan Lovelace
Published in June 2015 Articles

The wise among us hold the principle of rejecting promises, assertions, and product advertisements that seem too good to be true because in nearly every case, experience has taught us that they simply aren’t true.

Two years ago, I discovered a line of products, called LunaRich, with lists of dazzling wellness benefits — including improving the health of generations yet unborn — on a scale that would tend to raise suspicions in the most gullible person.

However, LunaRich products turned out to play a central role in a revolution that is destined to sweep the planet and improve the wellbeing of the human race. Demonstrated benefits help with numerous conditions including Cholesterol Management, Inflammation Reduction, Antioxidant Benefits, Improved Immunity, and Overall Cellular Health, plus other benefits too many to be listed here and many that I’m sure have not yet been discovered.

It didn’t take long to realize the one side-effect was “I can’t keep my mouth shut.” A few months ago I shared this with an artist friend, Catherine, who was suffering with joint discomfort in her hands. Within a few weeks my friend joyfully exclaimed, “The discomfort has been reduced! I can do my art without distress.” Another friend Karen, dealing with metabolic syndrome, recently said she won’t go a day without her LunaRich X capsules because of reductions in her blood sugar levels while increasing stamina. Now she is increasing her activity with family because of health improvements. I shared this with my co-worker Lisa, a single mom trying to get her degree, who was suffering with low energy, bodily discomforts, headaches, and hormonal issues. She was thrilled to see her health issues improve dramatically, while losing weight without trying to. I have stopped counting the number of people who have been able to turn their lives around at every age and stage in life. This is a cellular level nutritional program with no claims of diagnosing, treating, curing, or preventing disease. The bodies God created are miracles and will heal themselves, if given the right cellular fuel. We really are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” No wonder I’ve become caught up in the revolution! I wish everybody could experience the wellness that has become the normal experience of the people who are using the products.

The incredible LunaRich products are based upon a scientific breakthrough that occurred while research was being conducted on a biological molecule, or peptide, called lunasin, which is naturally found in seed-bearing plants. I’ve personally met Dr. Alfredo Galvez, who uncovered lunasin’s healing potential. Dr. Galvez, who is a scientist at the UC Davis Center of Excellence for Nutritional Genomics, was originally researching the action of lunasin in the production of an amino acid called methionine. At one point, Dr. Galvez suddenly realized that findings from his research were pointing to a revolutionary discovery of lunasin as the first substance proven by research to have the ability to actually turn good genes on and bad genes off.

Someone described serendipity as “an accident meeting a prepared mind.” Dr. Galvez’ discovery of lunasin’s astonishing properties will surely be listed as one of history’s greatest examples of serendipity. Dr. Galvez’ first discoveries included lunasin’s effect on LDL (the “bad”) cholesterol, which paved the way for optimizing ingredients in order to maximize heart-healthy benefits.

Dr. Galvez went on to make breakthroughs on a number of other lunasin-related research projects. The research findings turned out to be truly revolutionary because he verified that lunasin was able to alter the epigenome, which is the chemical record of changes to the DNA. Changes in the epigenome, in turn, alter the structure of an organism’s genome — changes that subsequently pass to the organism’s offspring.

How dazzling is this? I’m able to ingest a dietary substance that will improve the genetic makeup of my descendants! My children’s children could be healthier people because of epigenetic nutritional powders that Grandma ingested.

Dr. Galvez’s findings turned a lot of scientific suppositions on their head. Aristotle himself coined the term epigenesis, which biological scientists use to describe the process by which all life on earth develops from a seed, spore, or an egg. Dr. Galvez’s findings have been substantiated by more than 80 published papers of clinical trials by more than 30 research institutions. This has verified the unexpected but undeniable impact of lunasin upon DNA, which led to the marketing and development of LunaRich products as the first “epigenetic super food.”

The science of epigenetics is hitting the mainstream, and nutritional epigenetics is following its path. In an era of exploding preventative healthcare, the idea that you can direct your DNA naturally through nutrition is a powerful potential for anyone who would like to naturally improve their health and lifestyle.

Reliv International is marketing lunasin in a LunaRich product line, delivering lunasin at elevated levels in a bioavailable fashion. LunaRich powder delivers lunasin in a concentrated form with more than five times the amount found naturally. LunaRich X capsules contain lunasin in the most pure form ever produced at a potency level more than 200 times of that found in nature. The company will easily maintain a dominant position in the marketplace because Reliv holds exclusive world-wide licensing rights to the patented lunasin.

In 1995, Reliv established the Kalogris Foundation as a non-profit, 501(c)(3) charitable organization. The foundation was named in honor of the late Dr. Theodore “Ted” Kalogris who was responsible for creating the base formula for the company’s original product, called Reliv Classic. Dr. Kalogris, was following the instruction of his father, who advised him as a young man, “Be ashamed to die until you have scored a victory for mankind.” Dr. Kalogris teamed up with Reliv CEO Robert Montgomery to put together a mission to nourish our world. The foundation provides epigenetic nutritional support to underserved individuals. The Kalogris Foundation has distributed more than $42 million in providing nourishment to 42,000 people every day in ten countries. The foundation continues to grow.

I’ve become involved in the company out of a sense of mission. LunaRich products are too beneficial and their effects too wonderful for me to not want to get life-changing products into as many hands as possible. I expect other entrepreneurs to catch the global vision and join with us in changing the world while potentially improving their own finances.

Contact me to learn more about the products and/or the amazing business opportunity.

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