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Foot Zoning

01 February 2015 Written by  By Melissa Kirk
Published in February 2015 Articles

Foot Zoning is an advanced version of the ancient practice of Reflexology that assists the body in restoring, rebuilding, and rejuvenating itself to its perfect health blueprint.

“Health blueprint” is Reflexology’s central idea because the practice is based on a premise that the feet contain a set of sensors that provide access to a signal system connecting every organ, gland, and system in the body. Knowledge of the precise location of each of the sensors and using skillful touch to stimulate it will send signals activating the healing mechanisms in that particular part of body. As a result, Foot Zoning can assist a client in recovering from nearly any type of physical condition. Since body and mind are so closely associated, Foot Zoning can also promote remarkable improvements in a person’s emotional levels by alleviating conditions of depression and melancholy.

The unpleasant reality is that we are continually assaulted by a number of potentially damaging conditions. Some of them come through exposure to toxins, harmful chemicals, and pollutants in our environment including the food and drink we consume, the radiation we are exposed to in places like hospitals and airports, plus the obvious assaults on health through injury and illness. All these factors contribute to the breakdown of systems in the body and the deterioration of general well-being. The practice of Reflexology probably reaches back in time to before recorded history. The earliest versions are noted in ancient documents from China and Egypt. The practice was introduced to the United States in 1913. In the 1930s and ’40s, a nurse and physiotherapist, Eunice D. Ingham, standardized Reflexology methods and techniques. She mapped the whole body to points on both feet and hands that she called “reflexes” and replaced what had been the common term Zone Therapy with Reflexology.

I studied under the lead practitioner, Katri Nordblom, who is the founder of The Nordblom American Institute of FootZonology. Katri helped popularize the term “Foot Zoning” to refer to a set of techniques and methods that address systems not handled by traditional reflexology. Katri has the goal of helping people connect with their own inner blueprint, bringing each into alignment with their personal mission and unique set of talents. She describes her mission as: “To help students to follow their own wisdom, the inner vision, the inner voice, and to have the courage to follow the heart.” The substance of her work is summarized as a technical goal: “To understand the creative life energy and the DNA code anchored in the signal system in the feet.”

I have added Foot Zoning to the list of previous healing and counseling specialties that I have become certified in including Therapeutic Massage, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Scientific Hand Analysis, and Life Coaching. I’m also qualified to make recommendations concerning essential oils, diet, and nutrition.

Each of these specialties includes a set of tools enabling me to recognize underlying issues for clients and then assisting them in various ways, including altering clients’ perspectives on their problems, and then providing strategies for changing the results they have been getting from life. My interventions are more than merely clinical; clients recognize that I have a gift for healing and are attracted by my non-threatening, nonjudgmental, and low-pressure approach to wellness.

Therapeutic Massage is a main method for relieving physical pain, but Foot Zoning is helping me to address physical problems at an even more fundamental level. It follows Reflexology’s premise that the body is profoundly interconnected. My introduction to the practice came through encounters with several people who reported profound changes in health and wellness after receiving treatments from Foot Zoning practitioners. One of them had been unable to conceive. She said that a half-dozen Foot Zoning sessions relieved her infertility issues, and she was able to get pregnant. Another reported that Foot Zoning treatments addressed issues of chronic back pain and fatigue. Her pain was drastically reduced, she said, and she now has increased energy.

The foot turned out to be one of a number of areas containing a map of the body. I trained in Face Zoning last January in Fremont. A trainer, Amber Greenwood, taught Face Zoning techniques for addressing various health conditions in the body and especially in combating depression. The training consisted of lessons, followed by practice on one another, and concluding with a final exam that included both written and practical elements. The next month I went back to Amber and became certified in Back Zoning, which specifically addresses emotional issues and stress.

In May, I concluded my studies with Amber by becoming a certified Foot Zoning practitioner. I completed the final testing and became certified in December. Foot Zoning induces changes in the body on a cellular level, which allows the body to repair itself. It moves beyond traditional Reflexology by opening each system in the body and allowing toxins to be released. Foot Zoning was by far the most complicated of the three treatments.

Certification required a six-month commitment and mastery of a large body of material. Each Foot Zoning session involves numerous treatments that require giving at least a half hour attention to each foot. This shotgun approach is essential because of the way in which the various systems and organs in a body deeply interconnect with each other. A simple headache, for example, may actually be a syndrome involving the digestive system, the lymph system, and the circulatory system.

Foot Zoning certification required that I practice the complete procedure on 100 clients. During that time, I observed a great deal of evidence for the effectiveness of the Foot Zoning practice. Following treatment, one client noted a relief from the symptoms of her colitis. Another client reported the elimination of symptoms associated with a diagnosed Crohn’s condition. Some subjects reported the cessation of fatigue and headache; their zest and enjoyment of life returned.

Good things begin showing up for my clients. Foot Zoning has become an important tool for changing lives.

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