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From Fear to Career

01 June 2018 Written by  By Team 110 Magazine
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The Professional Side

Dr. Tane Rontal believes that dentistry isn’t primarily about teeth; it’s about people.

 It’s about their health, and their ability to live life to the fullest. Dr. Rontal listens to her patients so she can understand their particular needs. She then provides the highest standard of personalized dental care using her skilled training in the latest advances in dental technology. Dr. Rontal explains options in terms patients can understand. They can count on being cared for with kindness, honesty, and respect. Dr. Rontal’s patients appreciate her exceptionally gentle touch and total commitment to their comfort. 

Dr. Rontal combines both implant and cosmetic dentistry so she can provide patients with the smile of their dreams. Whether patients have lost a single tooth or require full mouth rehabilitation with implants, crowns, or veneers, Dr. Rontal offers practical, lifetime solutions that enhance their appearance, improve their self-confidence, and enable them to enjoy their favorite foods. 

Delta Bay Dental Group is a family practice that welcomes each family member. She recognizes that her patients’ time is valuable so she keeps appointments as promptly as possible. From the moment patients walk through the door, they are greeted by a staff of experienced professionals who provide a relaxed, stress-free environment where the family can feel at ease. Dr. Rontal says that her measure of success is to meet patients’ needs and go beyond their expectations.

The Personal Side

For people that don’t know me, my name is pronounced Tawney. I have been practicing as a general dentist for 13 years and for 13 years before that I was a registered dental assistant. I started in the dental field cleaning the office, sterilizing the instruments, and stocking the rooms. 

As a child I had a few bad experiences with rough and uncaring dentists. As a result I am still dental-phobic. I was advised by a vocational counselor to look into dental hygiene as a career. The thought of walking into a dental office with all of its dental odors and noises scared me to death! I was fortunate enough to meet and be mentored by an amazing dentist in San Jose named Dr. Gennaro Malzone. We clicked perfectly as a team treating patients. He had a passion for dentistry and wanted to teach me as much as I could learn; I was an eager student wanting to learn as much as I could. 

In the beginning he wanted to teach me to be a skilled assistant but a day came when he pulled me aside to encourage me to pursue dental school. That dream seemed out of reach; I had not completed college and I was almost 30. I did the math of getting through under graduate college and then dental school; I would be almost 40 before I would graduate. He just laughed and said, “You’re going to be 40 anyway, might as well be doing what you want rather than wishing you were.” I took the words to heart but was still daunted by the timeline. 

The actual moment I made up my mind occurred when I was taking x-rays on a patient. He excitedly described how he had just been accepted to dental school. That pushed me over the edge; I felt heartbroken thinking he was going to be a dentist and I was not, so I decided to become a dentist no matter how long it would require. 

I majored in Biology at Cal State Hayward, which is now Cal State East Bay and then attended UOP School of Dentistry in San Francisco. Immediately after graduation I continued my education and specialized in dental implants. Following graduation, my learning never stopped and I continue to sharpen my skills and knowledge with advanced courses in bone grafting, cosmetic veneers, and complex dental implant procedures. I am a member of The Academy of Osseointegration and of the Partnership Study Club specializing in dental implants. 

After a decade of experience I have encountered so many dental issues that I have confidence in facing up to any challenge. However, I’m a life-long learner. Every day I learn new things from the day’s experience. People move forward in any profession by using experience to make them a better person and a better professional. 

I have been the owner of the Delta Bay Dental Group business since 2006. I am passionate about what I do. My own latent dental-phobia allows me to have patience and to empathize with patients who are afraid of dentistry. 

Now that you know my story, I welcome you and your family to join our dental family at our home, Delta Bay Dental Group. Visits are convenient and easy. We are open Monday through Friday and every other Saturday. Extended hours are available as well as emergency services. 


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