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01 June 2018 Written by  By Michelle Lassle
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Helping You Bare Your Beauty.

LunchboxWax is one of the most recent shops/salons to arrive at The Streets of Brentwood, opening its doors for business on April 14. While some might hear the name “Lunchbox” and think it would be a fabulous place to grab a sandwich (even Brentwood owner Nicky Lecher was guilty of this), the salon is much more than that. LunchboxWax is a national franchise that has been spreading throughout the United States over the past five years. Nicky Lecher and her partner Peter Lane opened the first California salon in Dublin over two years ago and have since opened salons in Alameda, Walnut Creek, Concord, San Jose, and now Brentwood.

The originator of LunchboxWax, Debi Lane, is an esthetician who has an extensive background and knowledge of the beauty industry. Over the years she developed a waxing technique as well as products that she believed to be superior to anything else that was readily available, and she desired to share those ideas with the entire country.

“Debi knew she couldn’t accomplish such a task on her own,” said Nicky. “She opened two initial salons, one in Boise, Idaho and one in Sun Valley, Idaho, and then decided to go the franchise route.” That’s where Nicky became intrigued with the company, the culture, the unique branding, and extensive Waxologist training and development. Almost three years ago she stumbled into a LunchboxWax Park City, Utah location looking for food, and her curiosity and intrigue compelled her to stay for a service. She spent the majority of her visit learning about the company’s philosophy. “The next thing you know I was a business owner in Northern California,” said Nicky. “I was just blown away by the phenomenal service, the personal interaction the team had with their guests and with each other, and the kindness of everyone from start to finish, not to mention the esthetically pleasing salon.” 

LunchboxWax offers a variety of waxing services from head to toe and everything in between, using a proven waxing process and the highest quality products. “Our most popular services are Brazilians and Brows, but we also offer men’s services, which many other waxing salons do not. About twenty percent of our guests are men.” said Nicky. The company uses a soft wax, as opposed to the more common hard wax, which allows for a more effective hair removal process with less skin irritation, hair breakage, and ingrown hairs. The LunchboxWax technique also allows for cleaner, detailed and sharper lines for delicate services such as eyebrows. 

Another aspect that sets LunchboxWax apart is the team culture, salon atmosphere, and training. Jordan Cassella, current Salon Director originally joined the team as a Waxologist and is passionate about the culture which is based on three pillars: it’s collaborative, purposeful, and beautiful. “Whether it’s our actual waxing technique or products, everything is created for a purpose intentionally to reach a beautiful outcome. Our Waxologists strive to embody this belief through their extensive training process,” said Jordan. While all Waxologists are already licensed by the state, they undergo additional weeks of intense training before being certified by LunchboxWax. LunchboxWax also provides ongoing culture training on how to collaborate as a team so that guests enjoy a unique salon atmosphere of genuine compassion.

“When our team naturally connects and supports each other, they are able to focus on our guests’ personal experience and make authentic connections,” said Nicky.

As a previous educator, Nicky loves the fact that through LunchboxWax she is able to support someone who is more knowledgeable than her in a specific area and share with them the necessary tools to be successful in the industry that they’re passionate about. “Debi Lane truly created and inspired a business that empowers women to be successful and follow their passion. Even the LunchboxWax logo, Ms. Box, is a symbol that, while it can be interpreted different ways, ultimately stands for women. Debi wanted something that would provoke curiosity, put a smile on somebody’s face, and start a conversation leading to a friendship.”

LunchboxWax Brentwood (and all their Bay Area salons) would be happy to help any guest feel beautiful and pampered in their safe, respectful environment. As a new guest stop by to meet their team, see the salon, and enjoy your first service and the next same service complimentary. 


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