Realty ONE Group Elite is part of the Bay Area Realty ONE Group with offices throughout the Bay Area and Sacramento.

Today's facelift has overcome the past concerns of a taut, "you look like you've had work done" result, resulting in a more refined, natural-looking appearance that's still you, but younger and refreshed.

More than any other season of the year, Advent is a time for celebration, merriment, and especially for music.

WR Properties

31 October 2016

Monica Malcuit and I are partners in Brentwood’s WR Properties.

Chasing Zorro

29 September 2016

In a few months, I plan to begin filming the true story behind the notorious Mexican bandito, Joaquin Murrieta.

I am a partner in Oakley’s 3 Generation Event Productions.

Amber Arias started her home staging company 15 years ago and opened Visions Home Consignments store eight years later. 

My husband is not the biological parent of my children.

My Guild Mortgage business is providing premium service for homebuyers throughout East County.


31 December 2015

Cancers of the skin are growing to epidemic proportions.

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